AX Goodies!

What are we revealing today? The same thing we reveal every year! Rare goods we’re bringing out to AX to devastate your wallets with!

From Hobibox, we’ll have lots of stuff! First up, in addition to the Pencil Board shown above, they’ll have a couple Clear-File folders:

Followed by a wide variety of tapestries sold only as Comiket Exclusives or Shop Exclusive Extras:

And of course, several Comiket and Store Exclusive dakimakura as well! Be warned though, some of these are in extremely limited supply!

Futhermore, they’ll be bringing two (as in total quantity) Twinkle Crusaders nendroids that were only available when you pre-ordered the limited edition game in Japan!

OVERDRIVE will also be supplying us with shikishi and acrylic boards, as well as unique items like these:

Plus, they’ll also be hosting a series of time-limited Tamiyasu autograph sessions. (Autograph Sessions are currently planned to be held from 1PM to 3PM. Stay tuned to our twitter for the most up-to-date information during the convention.)

In addition to all these great items, we’ll also be holding a raffle! Each “raffle ticket” will actually be a unique trading card, with various prizes such as autographed shikishi from OVERDRIVE, posters and tapestries from Hobibox, and more!

Furthermore, everyone who participates in the raffle and doesn’t win one of the grand prizes will receive a clear-file folder as a consolation prize!

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  1. Nice Sonico posters you have there~ Is there any chance you guys will be bringing that amazing game over to the West :3? (Sonicomi Communication that is).

  2. Oh MG, you always make me wish I lived closer to California this time of year…


  4. The Bamboo live chat is still tonight, right?

  5. F*CK ! F*CK ! F*CK ! F*CK ! F*CK !

    • I echo his whining and “f*cks”.

      Some of this needs to be made available on the Euro store! *hint hint* ;-p

  6. What a bunch of cute stuff. :/

  7. You should definitely sell those cards and file folders to the people who can’t come to AX.

    I’d love to get my hands on the ef merchandise.

  8. …..

    This kind of stuff needs to be available to be ordered online.

  9. times like this I fucking hate living across the US…FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK

  10. Damn, wish there was someone willing to grab some of these stuff for me.

    • A few of the premium items are sold out now…I think the sake/sushi plates are gone, as well as 1-2 dakimakuras patterns. I passed by the booth last night around closing time and bought some of the last Fujimaru sketches.

      The exhibit hall was pretty packed for a Friday. Not looking forward to Saturday…

      • Actually we still have quite a few of the sake/sushi plate sets as well as the Acryllic boards, so stop on by and pick some up!

  11. These goodies don’t have selling on Anime Friends next week u.u

  12. Are we allowed to believe there’s still a chance to see Muv-Luv visual novels in English? :3

    • You can believe whatever you want, but whether or not there’s any basis or truth to it is another matter.

  13. Ugh…damn I wish I would live in the US sometimes <_<. Too bad that mangagamer doesn’t show up on Hanami or Conichi in Germany v_v. Well in any case I hope everyone on AX has good time :3

  14. Kouryuu,

    Any chance we can get some more doujin artists at the MangaGamer booth next year? If money is an issue, I’d be willing to cough some funds up towards that plane ticket. And I’m sure that there are other attendees who wouldn’t mind contributing to that fund if we could bring over some more talent. This year’s selection was rather disappointing. I mean, I like Katakura and all, but he’s been at AX since 2009. I also appreciate you bringing over some Fujimaru shikishi, but, I would have loved to have seen Alpha or Kawamoto again. Or even someone new, like an up-and-coming artist at any of the eroge companies you’re involved in. I’m really not picky on this – I just would love to see more artists at AX, even if I have to pay a bit more to see them. Totally not asking that you bring the massive amount that you did in 2010 (though it would be nice), but a couple more eroge artists next year would be welcomed.

    Anyone else agree?

    • The biggest problem with trying to get other companies, artists, etc over for AX is that the convention is often hosted very close to Summer Comiket. A lot of people seem don’t have the leeway in their tight schedules to take a week off of production and come out to Anime Expo. Those were our biggest problems with guests this year: not only does the trip cost more than they’re likely to earn from it, it also puts a big dent in the schedule they have to try and make up for somehow.

      • I understand, but I’d just like to offer financial support if that will make the difference between MG featuring Katakura alone, or another artist or two. I’d like to hope that, if cost becomes an issue, that, in the future, you’ll take it to the board and ask if anyone would be willing to contribute. I know people are quick to complain, but I think the quickest and easiest way of solving those complaints is to ask your fanbase to put their money where their mouth is.

      • cutiebunny > in France, if we had Noizi Itô and Ryuushiki07, it’s because a « voluntary association » asked its members to donate to pay the plane ticket/hotel/etc. Can’t you do the same ? (with help from MG for the “schedule” and others administrative tasks)

  15. Is there any way you guys still have any of those Riho Kaguya dakimakuras? available online or something like that? I was too slow at AX but I still really want one.

    • We sold out of the Riho ones, so yeah, they’re gone for good. I’m pretty sure all we had were what was left from OVERDRIVE’s Dakimakulive last year, so… I’d be surprised if we see them again? (A lot of the goods we sell at AX are like that.)

  16. Yes! I agree with cutiebunny. I would absolutely love to see more artists at your fantastic booth next year. And yes, I would also be ready and willing to offer support – financial or otherwise – to help facilitate this. Please let us know!

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