ef – the first tale.

We at MangaGamer are proud to announce that ef – the first tale. is now on sale!

“Love, I’ve got a feeling.”
Will you have a feeling too?
Join us this summer, with the release of ef, where you will find yourself in a tale of romance, heartbreak, and a tale of memories.

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  1. Fujieda Alexander

    The help file says that the default font for the game is Merriweather MG but i dont have it and i canΒ΄t find it in the settings, is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks and sorry for my english. πŸ™‚

  2. This font is available on our web site. (click name) We apologize for the inconvenience. Happy reading!

    — No Name Losers

  3. Nice surprise xD Still on dengeki stryker atm.

  4. I’m using a font on my computer called Kristen ITC (most likely a MS Publisher font) and it is working fine. Definitely like the font select feature that actually shows what the text will look like w/ line breaks.


  5. I have tried to download the game twice now, it just keeps failing part way thru.

  6. Downloaded and extracted, but now appears to be corrupted and/or has a virus in it per Norton.

  7. Everytime I try to install the game, it says that “bg.paz is corrupted”. Assistance is needed!

  8. wow nevermind I am a dumdum.

  9. I have already spent several hours on this, just seems to a buggy mess so far. Too bad, I was looking forward to it. I would have gladly paid more for a disc instead.

  10. Don’t forget that you have to extract ALL THREE archives into the same folder. The archives aren’t linked, so you have to extract them all.

  11. Yeeeaaaa!! i’m a happy Monkey now!!

  12. Well, after much travail (and with help from my wife), I was finally able to get it going, so all is well.

    Hope everyone enjoys it.

  13. Install went well for me. Story and artwork were really great and I’ve already finished it! I don’t usually bother finishing games unless I think they’re good so that’s high praise from me.

    Anyone have any idea how long it’ll be till the latter tale comes out?

    • I think they said sometime next year

      • We certainly hope that latter tale will be out in 2013, though we can’t be certain.

        We’re still waiting on a test-build of latter tale from minori, and then there will still be testing and corrections of the build.

  14. I just won a copy from the give-away. I wanted to play it, but I didn’t have any money. Woooo free stuff!

  15. I won’t lie, I’ve played through the previous NNL release of ef before and didn’t really enjoy it. But I’ll definitely buy both ef titles to support NNL, Minori, Mangagamer, and in the hopes of getting Eden* translated someday.

  16. Will there be a hard copy release in the future for both the first tale and the latter tale? I love having hard copies of things. (Especially collector’s editions.)

  17. ^

  18. I also would rather buy this as a hardcopy.

    DigiDL is fine for nukige but this deserves more πŸ˜›

  19. I would love to have a hardcopy of this, too. I just bought the hardcopy version of School Days HQ. It’s far more satisfying to have a disc in your hands. But nevertheless great work releasing this.

  20. Mangagamer why dont you release more titles translated by nnl? Instead of releasing trash nukiges you can bring up more minori titles already translated by nnl like wind or eden. There are a lot of fans of eden. Also as stated on nnl website they have already progressing on Mashiro iro symphony – did you even tried to get license for this???

    • We’re currently working with minori to get ef-the latter tale finished and released. Once the work on that is complete we can start looking at other minori titles. Provided they sell well enough for minori to remain interested after these two releases.

      That said, we do have much of the NNL staff working with us on our new releases. Many of their original testing team now serve as our beta testers, one of which is working on Sexy Demon Transformation, the other on Slave Witch April. Furthermore, one of their translators is the man who provided us with the translation for Slave Witch April.

    • Trash nukieges pay the bills?

      And Wind wasn’t anything special…

    • (NNL translator here.) Personally, I’d love to see eden* and Mashiro to completion. We’ll have to see how things play out. eden* indeed probably will rely a bit on how well ef sells. Mashiro is an entirely different thing since it’s not by minori, though. That will likely come down to whether MG thinks it will be successful enough that they’re willing to negotiate with yet another company on our behalf. (On the one hand, it has an anime release, and I believe titles like that tend to sell better. But on the other hand, Mashiro is a LONG title which will require a lot of work. On another note, I’d love to do the Tenshi no Nichiyoubi fandisc for ef as well. Fingers crossed on that one.)

      • Thanks for reply, actually I didnt liked MashiroIro anime it wasnt that good. Game is much better atleast Miu and Airi route which i played was nice and heartwarming. Hope to see it translated someday. Continue your great work nnl.

      • The fandisc!? I couldn’t agree more. NagixYu is a great plotline.

        I’ve always wondered… Would Nagi and Yu get together after the latter tale ended?

  21. I extracted the files and everything but I keep getting an error saying “bg.paz can’t be extracted”. Everything else seems to work ok. Can anyone help?

  22. You can have my soul for eden*. Deal?

  23. Just for curiosity’s sake, when can we start expecting The Latter Tale?

    And I’ll sell my soul for eden* as well.

    • It’s hard to say at the moment. We’re waiting on the beta build from minori, and once we have that we can test it and get it finished pretty quickly.

      The problem is that minori is much more focused on their next release right now, trying to keep their company afloat.

      • Thanks for the info. I’m holding off on playing The First Tale until The Latter Tale is released (for the full experience and not having to worry about cliffhangers), so I was just a bit curious. Thanks for all of your hard work NNL, and Mangagamer, and especially Minori.

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