Sexy Demon Transformation: Kusakabe Shiori

Two girls not enough? Have two more: your endearing juniors, Kusakabe Shiori and Kuzuki Airi!Kuzuki Airi’s something of a handful. Head of the newspaper club, she’s after any kind of story she can get, and the more scandalous, the better. Most of the time, this means wondering when you’re going to hook up with Asuka, though lately she’s been prone to believing that demons are real – clearly a case of too much Yokai manga and not enough common sense – or so you’d like her to believe – but she’s getting a little too close to the truth and needs to be dealt with.

This leads you to Airi’s mostly-ignored voice of reason: her best friend Kusakabe Shiori. Shiroi’s polite, quiet, charming, has gigantic knockers, and an even bigger crush on you. Unfortunately, Airi knows about it, and is not-so-subtly trying to egg her on as you try to scare the pair off with wacky hijinks involving cock-sprouting umbrellas, panty swords, and the mandatory tentacle monster. Even though Shiori can’t work up the nerve to say it, she’s often thinking about the naughty things she’d like to do with you.

Airi is voiced by Noranoneko, and Shiori is voiced by Okuyama Ayumi, both relatively newer VAs who have featured in a lot of Softhouse Seal’s many titles.


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  1. Not related to this game but is there any way to re-release or do a patch for Suika A.S+ to have reduced mosaics just like is going on with the recent Ef – the first tale?

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