Otoboku – The Girls: Mikado Mariya

If you don’t want a bad end in Otoboku, you’re going to need some allies as you trap your way across Seio Academy, so let’s start with the one you know best: the childhood friend, Mikado Mariya.

Mariya’s responsible for a lot of your problems in this game. Ever since childhood, she’s taken advantage of your character’s soft, feminine features to dress you in drag as often as possible. When the chance comes to make it an ongoing thing via your grandfather’s will, it’s Mariya who leaps at the opportunity to function as the executor of this request.


Of course, just watching you be uncomfortable in padding and a dress wouldn’t stay fun for long, and despite her duties on the track team, Mariya’s quickly campaigning for you to be elected Elder, setting you up for various events on campus, and causing trouble between you and Takako, the president of the Student Council.

Despite her penchant for getting into trouble and whimsical, spontaneous nature, Mariya truly cares about those around her, whether it’s you or Yukari, her ‘little sister’ in the dorm, though when things start deviating from her plans, things can easily go awry…

Mikado Mariya is voiced by Aoi Hitomi, a voice actress who’s played several roles in older games, such as Princia in Prism Heart, Tsukimura Shinobu from Triangle Hearts, Nishina Kyouko from Tsuki ha Higashi ni Hi ha Nishi ni, Latte from Aka, and Mieno Ryou from Sanarara. Naturally though, this is because she’s spent most of her time voicing Ayumi Yoshida in the anime, Detective Conan.

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  1. Love the “naughty bit blocker” on a man nipples. xD

  2. Mariya was my favorite from the anime; looking forward to her arc.

  3. Her VA plays Ayumi from Detective Conan? …This is going to make the ero scenes very awkward, lol

    • Then again, it would make for interesting conversation the next time I discuss Detective Conan with people I know who also watch it 😉

  4. I’m more into mature girls, therefore I’m mostly looking forward to Shion and Takako, but Mariya follows directly after.
    Yukari is probably the Loli route.
    And knowing japanese VN’s, Kana and Ichiko will be probably the Pedo routes (Sigh!). I guess I will keep my distance from them and just enjoy the little sis feeling.
    I wonder if Hisako has a route since she has her own picture entry in the game description. That’s often a hint for a heroine with a route but not always. I expected her to be just a side character since as a teacher she’s definitely older than Mizuho. But now I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Kana and Yukari are surprisingly not too bad if you’re bothered by loli/pedo stuff. Unlike some other games I’ve worked on, there’s almost no focus on how young-looking/small they are. It’s all about them as people. Yukari’s arc mostly focuses on how out of place she feels as a country girl/tomboy at a school for ladies and Kana’s focuses on her going from an insecure, bullied wallflower to class belle.

      You don’t have to play either route, of course, but I suggest giving them a try if you find yourself liking them on the course of pursuing the other girls’ routes. They’re pretty fun characters in their own right. Shion/Takako/Mariya are definitely top tier, though.

  5. apparently Kana is Mizuho’s successor as Elder.
    I hope that Otoboku 2: Futari no Elder gets TL’d as well.

  6. One of best girls,suge *u*

  7. I love Mariya so much. She is the ultimate troll.

  8. From the three girls i have seen until know. she is the only reason i would buy the game. A problematic girl is a fun girl to be with and usually a cute girl when you make your way with her.

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