Fading Hearts

We’re proud to announce the addition of another OEL VN to our lineup–Fading Hearts by Sakura River. And this weekend only, you can buy it a special launch discount of 25% off!

At first glance, Fading Hearts may appear to be a typical visual novel where you spend time with a heroine in between going about your daily life, and in truth, one can play the game this way and still enjoy it as such. However, the true Fading Hearts is a game with many hidden secrets.

Whether you choose to stray from your everyday life and learn those secrets is your choice, but that is where the real fun of this game lies. Simple choices such as whether you work at your job or whether you ignore the rumors going around class can cause reaching effects that come up later.

Exploring those vast array of choices and uncovering the secrets that each character, including yourself, is hiding is what truly makes this game interesting to play.

For those who want to play a more interactive visual novel where every choice matters, we definitely recommend giving this game a try. And at 25% off, there’s no time better than the present!

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  1. I’m pretty meh about this release, but it makes sense. I enjoyed it the first time I played it, even though it wasn’t as much as others.

    Decent addition IMO.

  2. Seeing how it is all-age VNs, can you bring it to the Desu~ra as well? In absence of dedicated VL-serving digital distribution platform, and rather hard-to-penetrate barriers of Steam, said Desura is one of more convenient ways to get one’s digital fun.

  3. I bought this game before koihime musou came out on sakura river good game even when compared to the games that I have played for a short game

  4. This doujin VN is so good,never hoped before for a MG release ^^

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