Otoboku Limited Edition

Otoboku Limited Edition

We would like to share the contents of the lovely
Otoboku ~ Maidens are falling for me~
Limited Edition hardcopy package in details today!

The Otoboku limited edition bonus includes:

A Limited Edition Slipcase
2pc case featuring a delightful artwork featuring all the characters.

Otoboku slipcase

Special Collection disc
A data disc featuring wallpapers, Oboku-sama production materials, and more!


3 panel comic Obokusama materials

“Tsunderella” Picture Book
A full color story book illustrated by Yoda, consisting of 16 pages (including cover)
Tsunderella cover
DISCLAIMER: We will not be held responsible if you are fooled by the cover or even if you die of laughter. ^^

Be sure to pre-order your copy at J-LIST or visit our booth at upcoming conventions such as Sakura-Con and Anime Boston!

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  1. It’ll come to the European shop too, right?

  2. Hi, could you confirm that the J-List link up above does actually preorder the limited edition? It doesn’t mention it there and wasn’t sure if you were doing both a limited edition and standard production run!


    • MangaGamer have never actually released a standard edition where a limited edition is available. (And so far, none of MangaGamer’s limited editions have reached the end of their production runs.)

      In other words, there isn’t a standard edition of Otoboku, and there probably won’t be one for several years. Therefore ordering using the J-List link provided is fine. 🙂

      • Right, we don’t print standard editions alongside the limited ones. Printing of Standard Editions for such games will come after all copies of the limited edition are sold.

      • Sadly this one is truly a limited edition
        The pre-order link was long disabled,and the hardcopy is not available on Amazon
        I actually want this hardcopy badly but I couldn’t find it anywhere
        So sad

  3. Just preordered mine, really can’t wait to see all that’s inside the extras disc.

  4. The limited edition looks sweet! I can’t wait to get my hands on a hard copy and play the game.

    Is there a rough estimate about when the Limited Edition will ship?

  5. I’ll definitely get it. I really like the graceful and elegant style of Otoboku. I hope we’ll also get the successor some day.

  6. Sells it in a Brazilian shop please *u*

  7. Wow…I must get this now. Looks to be a very nice Limited Edition!

  8. I would immediately buy a dvd edition of Dengeki Stryker and Karanoshoujo, just sayin’.

  9. I tried everywhere to buy this hardcopy but it was sold out completely
    So pleeeeeaaaaaase let me know if you have got some spare or backup stocks
    I really like the game and I really want this hardcopy

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