Tick Tack Trial Version is out!

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Hey, the Tick Tack demo is out! What is Tick Tack? Glad you asked!

Very first scene! Rin knows what all of you were thinking!

Very first scene! Rin knows what all of you were thinking!

Tick Tack is the Nerine-centric sequel/fan-disk to Shuffle! Rin, Nerine, Mayumi, and Itsuki are thrown back in time into the World of the Devils, right before Forbesii and Sage get engaged, and manage to mess up the timeline! It’s up to you to fix things… or make them even worse, if you’re so inclined.

This is my preferred variant. Gotta love a girl so bold she'll say this even with others around!

This is my preferred variant. Gotta love a girl so bold she’ll say this even with others around!

So, will you correct history? Maybe utterly destroying the timeline and going after other girls is more your style? Or maybe sleeping with them will fix the timeline? Who knows! Try the game out and have your way with it!

Fix the timeline AND maybe get a girl like this? Let's give it a shot!

Fix the timeline AND maybe get a girl like this? Let’s give it a shot!

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  1. Is Tick Tack like Shuffle or are we forced to have our way with a girl in this game ?

    • Are you telling me that there is a route without a heroine in Shuffle?
      That’s the first time that I’ve heard of something like that happening in an eroge.

      • I don’t think Shuffle has this, or at least I don’t remember it.
        But I know that Edelweiss has a no-heroine route. Granted, it’s slightly short and acts as a neutral ending.

  2. Glad to see that the Tick Tack demo’s out. I loved Shuffle so I can’t wait for the full version to come out.

  3. I consider Shuffle as one of the most overrated VN in history. I wonder if this one is better.

  4. With me at the helm the space/time continuum is so screwed, lol

  5. Well, I will buy Tick Tack anyway, so I don’t really need the demo.
    Actually I would love another fan-disk for the fan-disc centered around Ai. I won’t get it, but I can dream…

  6. another eroge…. don’t get me wrong mangagamer i love you guys and i love the games you put out. but there really arent many companies trnslating japanese visual novels to english( i can pretty much count them on one hand.) we need you mangagamer.. we need you to try to pick up some titles that no one eles would ( like higurashi which you guys did an amazing job on)as far ass epics go in commercially translated VN’s in eng. we’ve got like what ever 17, zero escape 1/2. either way i love you mangagamer.

    • I’m afraid that Higurashi isn’t exactly a best seller. Mangagamer needs to earn money to stay in business and it’s titles like this one that makes money. It’s as easy as that.

  7. Played the demo and enjoyed it. Will be looking forward to play to full game when it comes out. Any information about how long the game is in hours? Since there’s no information about it on vndb.

  8. Just to know, is there something new about Innocent Grey? Some time ago you told you were going to talk with them in february, but I haven’t read anything about deals or announcements.

  9. Tick Tack, you don’t stop- *ahem*

    Well damn, that’s one hell of a way to start a demo version! Eh, we had a thing called “teasing” back then, but this works too.

    Got this one in my sights for future play, but it needs more long haired (but not too long) girls…
    …but that’s really (really!) not reason enough to put this one aside….

  10. When will be transl. shuffle! ess.+???
    Without it, it will be trash(
    And we cant play another game without it!
    Hope it will be transl. and then i buy it all series!)

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