Laxius Force

laxiusforce0We’re proud to announce the addition of another indie game to our lineup–Laxius Force!

Enjoy a classic RPG styled after many old favorites like Final Fantasy and Dragon quest which spans over 500 different maps and over 130 different quests to complete!

Follow the adventures of multiple groups of heroes as they fight to save Adretana from a dark order plotting to destroy it!laxiusforce06

Kouryuu’s play log:
> “A Baby cockatrix has hatched and joined the party”
> umm… wut?

>finds person lying in cave
>tries to heal her
>person dies
>”Bury her with her stuff, or loot the body?”
<_<;;;;;;;;;;; >I can tell you what every single D&D player would say at that juncture…

>I google the choice–leaping over this early in the game and
>burying her causes you to completely fail a later quest w

>the guide doesn’t even mention being able to
>jump over to her like I did
>it just says you can’t beat the mimic in the cave yet
>(which I did wwww)

>take a ration from a barrel in a goat pen
>heroine scolds you for taking the goat’s food
>hero don’t give a fuck

>buy love ring and equip to heroine
>both gain 10HP and 20 MP

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  1. It’s really nice to see your lineup expand, have you tried contacting Dischan? They’re a oelvn developer that has just released Disfunctional Systems’ first episode and is working on Cradle Song, which could turn up to be one of the biggest oelvn projects so far.

    I also hope to hear more about your deals with Innocent Grey 🙂

    Another question: when will the dvd copies store be up again?

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