Orion Heart: Breaking Your Toys

orionheart03Orion Heart, like so many games in its genre, is a story of revenge. Revenge against the two magical girls who defeated the great Gildart’s evil, demonic plans for world domination. Where the hell do they get off doing that, anyways? He’s a demon – it’s his job to spread evil around the world. But no, they sent him back to his dark dimension, and now that he’s come back and taken over an innocent human boy (which Orion Suns aka Aoi loves), he’s free to take revenge against on their bodies in whatever way he sees but what ways will those be?Well, first off, Gildart’s got to ensure some basic obedience, and what better way is there to do that than with a sexy slavebug implant? Once the bugs are installed in the girls’ wombs, any defiance will be met with insectoid mealtime. Once that’s been sorted, he’s got three options.OrionHeart_3

If you’re feeling nice, you can have him win the girls over with pleasure – find ways to make them feel so good they keep crawling back for more. This could involve summoning mythical beings like griffins to come and provide long, slow, sloppy sessions, or simply training them on their new Master’s cock until they crave it like crack.orionheart01

If you’re feeling not-so-nice, Gildart’s ready to bring the pain through spells and ropes rather less joyful ways of making things occur – especially if he can get a few friends involved (or some horny teachers) to put a stuck-up goody-good in her place?orionheart02

The ultimate, however, is through humiliation and exhibitionism. Why get your own hands dirty when you can send a girl out in a white swimsuit and have slimes grope and invade her in the pool during swimming class? Or maybe do it in the supply shed while the track team’s having practice? After all, they’ve got to return the hurdles at some point. After all – why simply break them in their magical girl form when you can also destroy their secret identity lives as well?orionheart05

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  1. I’m hype 8)

  2. Already preordered. Can’t wait to feed my hunger for a dark nukige!

  3. Although I’m weak to heroine insult, I’m not going to get my hopes up about what appears to be a run-of-the-mill “training sim” nukige.

    That said, I’ve played a game of this type that was actually pretty good:
    Suisei Tenshi Primaveil Zwei: http://vndb.org/v2198

    It has a decent story, a SIM aspect where you run your own “evil organization”, simple battles, and a sex training part where you train the heroines you capture. It’s developed by Escu:de, which has a number of other solid titles with simple gameplay.

    • Orion Heart is made by Portion, so if you’re familiar with Nexton/Liquid, you have a good idea what to expect.

  4. Something I’m looking forward to trying out. Although, and I believe that it would be a long shot in hell, I would love to see if you guys to get your hands on this series: http://vndb.org/v2924

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