MangaGamer Winter Sale!

We’re hosting a Winter Sale and a number of our titles are discounted for the occasion! Get up to 70% off select titles from December 10th – December 26th!

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Orion Heart: Breaking Your Toys

orionheart03Orion Heart, like so many games in its genre, is a story of revenge. Revenge against the two magical girls who defeated the great Gildart’s evil, demonic plans for world domination. Where the hell do they get off doing that, anyways? He’s a demon – it’s his job to spread evil around the world. But no, they sent him back to his dark dimension, and now that he’s come back and taken over an innocent human boy (which Orion Suns aka Aoi loves), he’s free to take revenge against on their bodies in whatever way he sees but what ways will those be? Continue reading