Translator's Corner: Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!

So much excitement!

So much excitement!

I suppose there comes a time for any freelance translator in this line of work to translate nukige. If I was expecting not to do that then certainly I am working for the wrong company. With that said, I did jump at the opportunity to work on T!GISE (abbreviated due to the long and extremely unwieldy title). Certainly, having worked on darker titles in the past, I was all for something a bit more light-hearted. Given the title and the story, I think I found a winner in T!GISE. Softhouse Seal has a way with titles if nothing else.

The story centers on one Daiguuji Kyousuke, a seemingly unassuming PE teacher at Hanabatake Academy who has a striking resemblance to a Go Nagai-esque 70s robot series character.


Apparently, a master craftsman of many a wacky device, he gets snubbed for the position of adviser of the school’s science club (mostly on the grounds of NOT being a science teacher) and thus hatches a plot to seek revenge against the school who wronged him. This vengeance takes the form of his utilization of a variety of inventions for sexy, sexy purposes.

This game has it all. A (somewhat) clandestine organization, a ditsy sidekick, inventions of all sorts, and even a magical girl! Really, I am not making this stuff up.


On the standpoint of budget nukige, it’s easy to assume that there isn’t a lot of substance to work with, but the hilarious dialogue in T!GISE more than makes things worthwhile. The over the top, delusions of Kyousuke and the random references are sure to elicit a chuckle in between faps.


With that said, the game was a joy to translate if nothing else for the lack of cringe-worthy material to work with. If it’s goofy eroge you seek, then I think you’ll find it here. Now if only there were some robots in it…

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Kyousuke kinda looks like Toriko?

  2. The funny thing is that no game controller in existence could input such a button code.

  3. Quote from a recent review:
    “To end it all, let me say that “Throb!” was a better game than I expected from previous MG nukiges, but it was still not a very good game.”

    Looks like this Softhouse-Seal title is the new champion.

    • The only problem is that a review in this case is about opinions and not facts (like for example: electronic goods).

      Next: not a very good game, give it a 6.6? That’s a pretty high rating? But that aside if the same reviewer gives SonoHana games 5.9-6.8 and Sugar’s Delight a stellar 7.5, you should take the reviews with a grain of salt. No offence for the reviewer of course, but don’t forget: it’s all opinions when it comes to stuff like this.

      I personally liked (opinion) SSSS better, but I guess I’m not relevant unlike all the others who bash it to death.

      • In my rating scale good games start from 7. Thus 6.6 is still not a very good game. The keyword is very as the game is pretty good at what it does (that is, being a fapping-aid). Of course it all comes down to individual preferences.
        And Sugar’s Delight has lesbians and chocolate. And did I mention that it has lesbians? Then I feel obliged to mention that it has lesbians. How couldn’t I give it a high rating? 😀

    • I’m also basing my uninformed opinion on the relatively high EGS score and number of votes (read: popularity) this title boasts. Going by VNDB scores, however, this game and SSSS are still pretty close.

      • They shouldn’t be, my objective opinion is that this is way better than SSSS in most every way, even if it is an ShS game. :p

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