Harukoi – Hayasaka Umi


Today we’re introducing Hayasaka Umi, your little sister!

Umi is the absolute cutest, sweetest girl around St. Francesca. She’s the apple of your eye, and with good reason. Always kind, always caring, and always considerate of others. She’s diligent, shy, and rarely asks for anything in return. Just as you dote on her, she’s always looking out for you, and it won’t take long before her “Onii-chan, you dummy!” makes you smile every time you hear it.


She also has an unusual love for cows and horror movies, much to your terror…


Of course there’s more to her than just that as well. If you’re trying to go beyond brotherly love, then you’ll have to prepare yourself, because such a relationship isn’t accepted, and only causes pain for you and those around you. No matter how much the two of you may love each other, sometimes, that just isn’t enough. But still, the decision is yours, and other surprises may await as well.


Umi is voiced by Sakakibara Yui, a voice actress who’s voice over 150 different roles including Yakumo Hamaji in H20: Footprints in the Sand, Momose Mio in Pastel, Kishimoto Ayase in Chaos; Head, Precia in Prism Arc, and Ariake Mieru in Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

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  1. Who wants to bet me 10.000 imaginary dollars that it will turn out that she isn’t blood-related?

  2. Yeah, anyone who watched the h-OVAs would know that she’s not blood-related.

    Doesn’t stop her from being adorable.

  3. not blood related? No problem! Come sit on Onii-chan’s lap (・。・;)

  4. A shame watching the OVA spoiled the biggest surprise for me, lol

    • FinstererDrache

      That was one of the best H-OVAs I know. But it certainly revealed some the story developments. Back then I thought it was a shame that Ayaka and Sonya are rare appears in the OVAs, but so we have quasi no Spoilers for them.

      P.S. I don’t think Umi is the cutest Girl around St. Francesca this title goes definetly to Sonya.

  5. Cool, I prefer not blood related sisters, cause they can get married !!!

  6. Oh man this game is a Moe overdose, I like it!

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