Harukoi – Fuyurugi Kisaya


Today we’re introducing Fuyurugi Kisaya, the idol of everyone in school.

Fuyurugi Kisaya is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful zaibatsu family, and aside from her medieval samurai speech pattern, conducts herself as the perfect example of a proper young lady. Everyone in school admires her for her beauty, kindness, and perfect demeanor. Even though she says she’s no different from anyone else, their admiration blinds them from believing it couldn’t be anything more than humility. Any rumors or gossip about her quickly spreads throughout the school in a flash.


The truth however, is that while she was raised as a proper lady, she has her own flaws just like everyone else. She can be stubborn, tends to push herself, and she’s also used to doing what her obligations or responsibilities demand of her, rather than what she truly wants to do herself.


Assuming you manage to get her to look your way in the first place, you’ll find a hard road ahead of you, with her family and obligations standing in the way of your happiness together.


Kisaya is voiced by Tezuka Maki, who among her other aliases, has voiced over 140 different roles in eroge. Some of her roles include Tonami Yuma in To Heart 2, Shirakawa Nanaka in Da Capo 2, Yuuki Kanade in FORTUNE ARTERIAL, and Aoi Sena in Chaos; Head. In anime she’s also known for such roles as Yukiji Katsura in Hayate no Gotoku, Yuuma Amano in High School DxD, Kan’u Unchou in Ikkitousen, Shizuka in Queen’s Blade, Suo Mikoto in School Rumble, Margery Daw in Shakugan no Shana, Cryska Barchenowa in Muv Luv Total Eclipse, and Saori Bajiina in OreImo.

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  1. Can’t wait for the Pinocchio-san! :3

  2. Ah, she’s my favourite, I love japanese Kendo girls.
    The funny thing is that she’s propably the only character with an almost normal nose and not just a small point where a nose should be.

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