Harukoi – Kiryuu Sonya


Today we’re introducing Kiryuu Sonya, the innocent angel of St. Francesca’s church.

Sonya is half Italian, and a nun-in-training at St. Francesca’s church. She’s very docile and considerate, though she tends to keep to herself. As such, she tends to be very diligent and tries to handle everything by herself where she can. Sewing is one of her favorite hobbies, though she also takes a lot of enjoyment in the work she does for the church–cultivating herbs, teas, trees, cleaning around the church, volunteering for community service, and studying languages.


Though it’s easy to become friends with her, her tendency to hold back in favor of others makes it hard to reach an equal relationship.


What’s more, there seems to be a deeper reason than simple bashfulness keeping her from talking about herself. You’ll have to find out what that is if you hope to move forward with her.


Sonya is voiced by Hinata Yura, another voice actress with nearly 100 different roles. Some of her other roles include Kimishima Nana in Pia Carrot 3, Kanzaki Nami in Triangle Hearts, Masaki Akane in Suika, Kareha in Shuffle!, as well as Shirakawa Kotori in Da Capo and Kotori Love ExP.

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  1. I love this japanese stereotype… thinking all european and american people have blond hair and blue/green eyes lol

  2. Without that stereotype, it would be hard to recognize foreigners, since in anime, manga and games, characters can have hair of just about any colour. It just becomes easier to just have all foreigners be blonde, since there tends not to be too many of them in Japanese media, usually just one token foreigner and/or mixed blooded Japanese.

  3. I know right. Yet somehow girls will blue drill hair are japanese

  4. It’s more teal than blue…

    Anyway, it’s hard to rank this girl, since she essentially had two minutes of screentime in the OVA, tops.

  5. Loved Kotori’s voice and Kareha’s voice. Looking forward to hearing this character.

  6. One of the winnable heroines is a nun in training…being Catholic myself, I wonder if I’m going to be laughing as much as I usually do when I’m playing an eroge with a (winnable) nun heroine.

    • My friend, have you ever heard of Boccaccio’s Decameron?

    • Dude,You do know that, according Catholic religion everything concerning sex before marriage is a sin, right?

      I won’t be calling You names, but Your statement makes me wonder what are you doing here.

      • Stereotype much? Was mainly making the comment as a joke considering amost every nun heroine route I’ve played has been hilariously dumb.

        And what you mention doesn’t rank that high on the sin scale, at least where I live. Then again, over the years I’ve discovered I’ve lived in a surprisingly moderate community, and I live in frigging Texas.

  7. A Nun-in-training, also known as a novice, can quit you know. Have you never seen the sound of music? A Nunnery isn’t a prison.

  8. Nuns my ultimate turn off, guess I’ll skip this game.

  9. Kareha and Kotori have the same VA?!

    The world makes so much more sense now…

  10. So many great voice actress on the same boat.
    Time to bug my friend again to borrow his credit card! 🙂

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