New Games From Winter Wolves

promoToday we’re proud to announce the addition of several new games from Winter Wolves, the creators of Loren The Amazon Princess to our catalog.

The first addition to our catalog is the Flower Shop series, a series created by a collaboration between Winter Wolves and Sake Visual. The Flower Shop series is a dating and farming simulation game. Manage your farm, schedule your time, and try to build a relationship with a potential partner.

In The Summer at Fairbrook, you play as Steve, and there four different girls you can try to woo. The Winter In Fairbrook follows after the events of Summer in Fairbrook, but this time you play as Natalie with several different men you can grow close to, including Steve from the first game. promo2You can also purchase both games together for a discount!

promoOur next addition from Winter Wolves is Spirited Heart, another simulation game. After picking one of three races and a background for your main character, you begin living your life in a fantasy setting. Much like Princess Maker, you take jobs to earn money, do various activities to improve your skills, and meet other people to get involved with.

There are over 20 different endings, plus 12 special marriage endings as well!

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  1. Long Time ago i played the dame of the flower shop, i liked the game but i had no money or credit card, i would love to buy it.

    The only problems is that i think is too expensive for what it worths to me. I think i’ll still buy the game since i liked it, but i have other two games first, Harukoi and an other. But at some poing it would be a buy for sure.

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