Eroge: Kousaka Iori

Today we’re introducing Kousaka Iori, Flower’s graphic artist!

Iori digitizes and colors all the various sprites and CG to be used in their games. Unlike Kisara, she works primarily in digital format, using a tablet and computer software to illustrate the many layers that go into an eroge’s CG. In addition to this, Iori is also in charge of all the backgrounds for both standing sprites and event CG, as well as designing the chip art so that the user interface matches the game’s tone. Furthermore, she’s also in charge of coloring all the promotional artwork Kisara illustrates. Iori is the second oldest member of Flower, and she’s had experience doing graphic work for other brands before. Some of which still want her talent.

Iori is a girl of few words, and even fewer expressions. The others at Flower have known her long enough to have an idea how she’s feeling and what she means, but its not an easy challenge. Usually she works very quietly at her desk with headphones on, but there’s a lot more to her than she shows.

Though her talent for coloring is great and her pace quick, she’s still having difficulty coloring organic materials like flesh, genitalia, and the various bodily fluids that always come up in H-CG. Still, once you get her motivated and curious her natural talent and intrigue to know more take over, leaving you in for more than a few unexpected rides.

Iori is voiced by Oukawa Mio, the voice of Bachou in Koihime Musou and Agnes in Harem Party. She’s also played many other roles including three roles in Shikkoku no Sharnoth, Shitogi Elis in Sono Hanabira ni Kuchidzuke wo, and Mary Britain in Daiteikoku.

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  1. body paint? wow she is kinky

  2. She is voiced by the same voice actress as Agnes?!
    Although I can’t stand “Harem Party” as a whole, I liked Agnes’ character and especially her voice.
    Just another reason why I need to buy this game eventually.

  3. Is it just me….or does her armpit have a pu$$y?

  4. Holy crap, I just realized those clothes are painted on! That’s kinky.

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