Tester's Corner: Eroge Ed. Vol 1.

Can you guess each girl’s sexual archetype?

Can you guess each girl’s sexual archetype?

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I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up here.  As a longtime friend of Kouryuu and another beta tester, I had been a booth bunny and helped out with MangaGamer previously at Otakon.  My exposure to visual novels consisted of Kara No Shoujo and Deardrops.  So, of course, when I was asked to beta test, I figured it would be fun.

….. I need better friends.

Eroge!  Sex and Games Make Sexy Games! has a cute title screen.  The gameplay is fairly straightforward and the choices for each girl happen a few times through the game to generate an ending for the girl you favor most.  CGs are nice and graphic with some strange Japanese fetishes I did not know existed.


You play as Mochizuki Tomoya, who has this dream of making hentai visual novels after fapping off to them your whole life.  In fact, you are so competent on your eroge that you have a line where you brag about your mental encyclopedia of hentai games.  As a failure in almost everything else in life, you stumble upon this flyer for an eroge company called “Flower”, where you land yourself an interview.

Maybe they do job interviews differently in Japan?

Maybe they do job interviews differently in Japan?

Well, in any case, you land this job as a public relations officer and website designer only to realize… you don’t get paid.  As a completely logical man, you decide that it is worth it to work with four attractive women in a tiny room that looks like it is used for shady dealings- Oh wait.

The more you become acquainted with your estrogen-blooming co-workers, the more you realize that they don’t know anything about how to make good hentai games.  As the only human in the office with an actual penis, you “sacrifice” yourself as reference material to teach them about sex.

Let the CG gallery fill up begin!

After I had become committed to being a beta tester, I was told that there were a lot of sex scenes in the full game.  THERE ARE OVER 50+ SEX SCENES IN THIS GAME.   We have fetishes of all sorts that cover masturbation, consensual rape (?!), bondage, cosplay, swimsuits, cheating sex, and of course, regular sex with modification twists for each character.  Every other mouse click was a naked scene.  These scenes were twice as long as the text and, surprisingly, a lot happens in each one to keep your mind occupied.  The more committed you become to one girl, the more you learn about her sexual prowess personality.  For a virgin, Mochizuki-kun’s awesome penis makes women come multiple times in one session (unrealistic expectation of men strikes again!).

As I mentioned before, the game allows you to have choice selections of the girls you want to experience in the first half of the storyline.  After that, the only choices you make are where you will shoot your multiple loads on the screen.  With some pretty graphics and love-music, combined with the VA’s work on making many, many erotic sounds through your speakers, Eroge appeals to your most basic instincts in a visually appealing way.

Placing aside the sex scenes, the in-between interactions that you have with each character are also very amusing.  There are instances where you are verbally and physically abused by the women you come in contact with mixed in with the invisible AXE-like attraction every girl has to you.  However, once you become an official couple, you two are very committed to each other- with a possible twist.  This twist will result in you progressing in a Bad Ending or Good Ending.

Overall, this game was enjoyable (though I was getting tired of the moaning coming from my computer every night).  Did you know that this game also has a two episode OVA?20130520 ErogeChibiChart


1)  Lots of sex.

2)  Positive progression of relationships (mostly).

3)  Learn about how hentai visual novel industries work.

4)  More sex.


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    • I find it pretty funny that they increased the breast size of every single heroine in the game. (Except for Momoka maybe – if her boobs got any bigger than they are in the original VN it would get to the point of being complete ridiculous…)

  1. Good Tester’s Corner 🙂
    The intro is especially funny 😀

  2. It never makes any mention about the fact that the characters repeated refusal to use any form of contraception would most likely lead to pregnancy, but only one ending shows the heroine being pregnant. I thought it funny that Momoka would be willing to engage in sexual acts just to prove her superiority over a man whom she is supposed to hate.

    • @Izanagi:
      I think one doesn’t need to mention that. I’ve never read an eroge where anyone used contraception and after reading dozens of hentai mangas I’ve only once encountered one in which the guy wears a condom (and he takes it off later on in the sex scene). In magical hentai world you don’t get pregnant when having sex. For me, that’s a given in anything hentai.

      However, that doesn’t mean I like it. Actually, it frustrates me.
      When I saw that one can set “coming outside” as a default setting in “Eroge!” I was a bit excited, because I thought that meant that the protagonist would only infuse the girls with cum if the player wanted it. But sadly, that’s not the case. With giving the player the option to come outside the creators catered to a fetish and not possible ethical concerns said player might have.

  3. Oh, and people should stop using the term “consensual rape”. Nurio did so as well in a recent Tester’s Corner (https://blog.mangagamer.org/2013/07/16/testers-corner-greatest-inventions-ed-vol-1/).
    I know what is meant (sex that starts out non-consensual, but end consensual), but the term is misleading. If a sexual act starts with one of the partner not wanting it, then it’s rape. End of discussion.
    And besides, the notion that all women secretly want dick and that the rapist protagonist is simply the helpful person who recognizes that is fucked up.

    • You’re completely right. Manga Gamer should just start calling it ‘surprise sex she didn’t know she wanted to have,’ since that’s just an accurate description of what’s actually happening and not at all just as offensive.

      • Yeah, I know that there probably isn’t a good word for it, but maybe someone can come up with one. “Consensual rape” just sounds wrong to me.
        I always called it hentai sex in my mind to underline the fact that something like that only happens in hentai media.

        • Keep in mind, there are plenty of couples who enjoy acting out rape fantasies with each other. When two partners agree to act out such a scene, it’s consensual rape.

          I’m not saying you have to like BDSM play or whatever other fetish may be involved in a given scene, but try and remember these games are for fantasy and fun.

          Personally, it always concerns me more to see people who don’t understand the difference between sexual fantasy and reality.

    • I would not take my Tester’s Corners all too seriously… I also called it Extra Crispy Rape at some point.

      “If a sexual act starts with one of the partner not wanting it, then it’s rape.”
      Then all the more reason to call it rape, right? Since it starts with one of the partners not wanting it… (only to want it in the end).

      • @Kouryuu: What you are describing is cosplay. I’m totally fine with that, as long as it’s consensual.
        There is a scene in “Eroge!” in which the protagonist and Momoka roleplay a rape scene and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

        @Nurio: My problem is adding the word “consensual” which make it seem more exceptable which is simply isn’t.

        Btw, there is a very amusing discussion thread on VNDB about “justified rape”. What some of the users posted in it is soooo wrong, but therefore also hilarious: (http://vndb.org/t1218)

      • Well, by your definition, it has to be called rape. So if not consensual rape, what kind of rape would you call it?

        Besides that, there are plenty of ‘unacceptable’ things in media. Adultery, violence, murder, fraud, betrayal, discrimination, drug abuse, the list goes on… Are you taking issue with those as well?

      • @Nurio:
        It depends on how these “unacceptable things” are presented and in what context.
        I find rape in eroges condemnable, because it’s pornographic content that’s meant to arouse people. If a visual novel would show a non-sexualized rape scene, because it wants to explore the suffering of rape victims and the motives that drive rapist to commit such a horrible act I would have no problem with it.
        Same goes with the topics you listed. For example, to some extent I don’t take issue with violence. However, I can’t watch play-throughs of first person shooter games, because I find it disgusting how many NPCs the protagonist kills in those types of games. I also didn’t enjoy “The Expendables 2” and “Django Unchained” for the same reason: In both movies the body count was far too high for my taste.

        To be clear: I don’t want to say that the point where I draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable content is the only correct one. Personal tastes and sensibilities differ for each person.
        However, I do want to say that I believe that the notion that a person is unaffected by the kind of media he/she consumes is a false one. Everything we come into contact with in our live affects us in some way and media is no exception to that rule.
        One should be aware of that when watching a movie, playing a game, reading a book, etc.

      • Well, it’s good that you don’t want to force your opinion on anyone.
        However, you say that the media one consumes affects that person. You’re right to an extent. I mean, there’s an actual point to the rating boards like ESRB and PEGI.
        But I do think the influence stops at a certain point. I don’t think I’ll be affected much at my age by the media (in the sense that I’ll sooner rape a girl because I liked Throb).
        I don’t think people who play eroge are more likely to rape. In fact, if you look at the list of rapists, I doubt a lot of them have been playing eroge.

      • @Nurio:
        Eroges also are a very niche market. So it also wouldn’t surprise me if not a lot of rapist have played eroges.
        I’m not entirely sure, but I think you’re committing a fallacy there. It seems to me that the correct way to find out if consuming eroges increases the probablity of raping someone, is to look whether the percentage of rapists is higher among eroge consumers than it is in the general public.

        I think we will have to agree to disagree here. Neither of us has any empirical data on this, so it’s only personal opinions. However, it would be very interesting to find out whether there are any peer-reviewed articles that support one site or the other.

      • Yeah, you’re right about the fallacy… And indeed, let’s agree to disagree.

        But just to make my point clear before we put an end to this: I do agree that people can be influenced when they’re young, but I think the influence is so very minimal when they’re older (unless in rare cases, namely psychopaths) that it’s virtually nonexistent. That’s what the age ratings are for and people should generally abide to that, but this can be judged on a case-by-case basis.

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