Kara no Shojo – Developer's Comments

We are pleased to share a few comments received from the developers of Kara no Shojo!


Hello everyone.
At last, the English version of Kara no Shojo has been released in its perfect shape. This work is finally completed as a whole with the voice and voice acting included, so even if you have played the game once, I would appreciate it if you can give it another play-through.

Please enjoy the splendid performance of the carefully chosen voice actors to the fullest!

Sugina Miki – Artist/Director


Thank you for taking interest in “Kara no Shojo”
I worked on its music (including composition and lyrics) throughout the project. Since I am a fan of mystery games and novels myself, it was a fun job, and I believe it was a turning point that had an effect on all my works that followed. Especially the theme song, “Ruri no Tori” (Bird of Lapis Lazuli) has been appreciated by many people and I am pleased.

Prior to this work is “Cartagra”, which gave me an opportunity to work with Innocent Grey in the first place, and the sequel of “Kara no Shojo”, “Kara no Shojo 2”, also has been released. I’ll be more than happy if you will take the opportunity to experience these other works when they are available as well.

MANYO – Sound Composer

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  1. Nice to see the creators interacting with overseas fans- Could it have started because of Ruby Stryker?

  2. Since you seem to be in contact with MANYO, it would be great if you could talk with him about localizing the Kara no Shoujo soundtrack.
    I don’t know of any affordable way to get it as of right now (especially not in Germany, my home country).

    • Nintendo Maniac 64

      There’s not much localizing needed if it’s just made available as a digital download, and you wouldn’t even have any loss in audio fidelity if they were optionally available in a lossless format like FLAC.

      • “Localisation” was probably the wrong word.
        I meant “making it easily available for the Western market”.
        I would be perfectly happy with a digital download.

  3. All the love to Innocent Grey! <3

  4. If you can please tell Sugina-san and MANYO thanks for the nice comments and I (and many others) are looking forward to Cartagra and Kara no Shojo 2 and hope to see Pianissimo, Nagomibako, and Caucasus localized some day too. Also a very happy Halloween

  5. I’m really looking forward to KnS 2 and Cartagra!

  6. Happy to support their work!

  7. Ruri no Tori definitely is one of the greatest songs I have here. And interestingly enough, even though Shimotsukin is one of my favorite singers, I often tend to listen to it for the saxophone part (and usually call it a duet between her and the sax :D).

  8. A few months ago you anounced a limited edition hard copy version of Kara No Shoujo, is this not gonna happen anymore since you guys only do digital games now?

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