ef -the latter tale gets a Release Date! And Pre-Orders!

na002wocopyAt long, long last, we at Mangagamer are finally proud to announce that ef -the latter tale will be available in English on December 20th! Pre-order your copy now!

05Otowa, a city once razed by a devastating earthquake and the resultant fires.
A beautiful European cityscape now marks the present, as if it were from a fairy tale;
almost as if to mask the memories of that calamity…


The second half and amazing conclusion to minori’s ”ef – a fairy tale of the two.” series featuring avant-garde cinematic techniques and a peaceful, sentimental story which has met critical acclaim!

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  1. I wish there was a hard copy pack with the first tale and the later tale.. I love this game so much

  2. I just wished it was totally uncensored, but that is not the sole reason I didn’t buy the first one there were other titles that were totally uncensored that I could buy instead. Its not that I will never buy ef, but other titles that are totally uncensored feel like my money is being spent on a better product, cause these games are all already expensive and I want my money to be spent on the better more complete product. :

    • Are you serious?

      I guess if you are looking for porn, you might have a point, but then ef shouldn’t even be considered to begin with. Ef is a wonderful game with a fantastic story. The mosaics mean nothing because the sex scenes are not the point of the game. They’re nice, but compared to everything else, quite pointless. Removing mosaics would hardly make it better (depending on the drawing underneath, might make it worse), and would definitely not make it more complete. You are an idiot if the mosaics are really holding you back from buying this.

      • Not taking any sides here but, calling someone an idiot for their opinion is totally uncalled for. Back to the topic, I hope in the future this game can get a Hard Copy bundle with the first game.

  3. This is a very nice christmas release. Already preordered! πŸ™‚
    I hope we see more from Minori in the future. Especially Natsuzora no Perseus would be great.

  4. I wait for the double pack! ;3

  5. Will there be a bundle/dual pack?

  6. I’m sorry MG… I really want to support official VN localization, but I don’t see myself caring enough unless I can get both together, uncensored, in a physical package. I know that’s probably impossible, or at least very difficult for you guys, and I probably look like an entitled little brat, but I really can’t bring myself to care otherwise.

    I’d be fine paying a higher price for that, like $80, or maybe even $100.

    • Reduced mosaics were pretty much the only way they were able to sell it. I’m waiting for a bundle pack as well, but not buying it just because it’s not completely uncensored is a weird choice because of what they had to do to sell it here.

      • Well, it’s not the censorship per-se. I’ve bought plenty of censored games. It’s more that I don’t really have a reason to buy this over importing the JP version. They’re just too similar for me to care.

        Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

      • sure, as long as you can read Japanese… but if you’re planning on reading it in English there’s a fairly substantial difference.

      • @alexskc

        Can you really import the game cheaper? I find that hard to believe. The latter tale is currently 9000 yen (~$90) on Amazon.co.jp. I’m not sure where you are importing from, but I’d like to know if you are really getting games for less than MangaGamer is selling them.

        Also, as someone who can’t yet speak Japanese, I’d like to have a translation. MangaGamer provides that as well (and at a higher quality than the old fan translation).

        Lastly, MangaGamer does reduce the mosaics. They are hardly noticeable compared to the original version.

      • Getchu still has “ef – the latter tale.”, for 5980yen (58 dollars and thats whitout counting in the extra expenses for importing it, the fact that its all in japanese and that it has stronger mosaics than the mangagamer english version), mangagamer pre-order for the latter tale is priced at 31.45 dollars.

        But yeah, the fact that there is a lack of hard copy release is quite unfortunate, especially since it was the anime adaptation of Key works together with minori ef that got me into Visual Novels.

        Anyway, as mangagamer explained it was either this or nothing. Well the good thing is that they managed to work things out with Innocent Grey and after all these years we will get hard copy version of Kara no Shojo in a little more than a week!

        Though compared to that minori does seem much less accomodating and as such are more relucant to make compromises (such as allowing an uncensored DRM-free version, which would make a hard copy release possible).

  7. Will be a nice present for myself this coming December. Have been waiting for the latter tale for a while now since I really enjoyed the first tale.

    Would love to see a Limited Edition physical package if MG ever pursues a physical release of ef because a regular black dvd case with the disc inside just doesn’t do the game justice…..like with koihime for example……

  8. The only title I’ve had an interest in 2013, finally the sequel is here. Looking forward to more Innocent Grey releases as well.

  9. Please release more minori titles and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  10. How well have the ef games been selling? Is it enough to license and release eden* they were only two, on that planet in English? Please give an affirmative answer~

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