Touma Kojirou's Officemates

01Today we’re introducing the girls around Touma Kojirou in his office.

One of the main girls around the office is Natsukise Youko. Not only is she Kojirou’s assistant, she’s also his childhood friend. She’s quite helpful around the office, but not very useful on the case. Calling her an airhead would putting it mildly, but sometimes the wild ideas she gets are precisely the clue that’s needed.02

Youko is voiced by Katakura Hina, a voice actress who’s featured in over 140 different roles including Geronimo in Eiyuu Senki, Sawashiro Nanako in Kara no Shoujo 2, and two others in Boob Wars 2.

touma_CG10Next is Touma Reina, Kojirou’s little sister. Though very intelligent, she’s also fairly emotionless. Still, she loves her brother, and loves it when he dotes on her.

Reina is voiced by Konoe Yuzuko, a voice actress who’s featured in over 64 different nukige from a variety of brands.

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  1. Boob Wars 2??????I can’t wait for this *u*

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