A Short Look Back, Part 2


With our fifth year anniversary coming to a close, we decided to take a moment to showcase some of the thoughts and feelings of the staff that have been a part of MangaGamer over the years. This second one comes from Evospace, our main English-speaking representative in Japan.


Hi all, EvoSpace here. 5 years ago was when I had just moved to Japan. I’d been living in the United States until then as an average Japanese American fan also translating for fansubs and such. When I came here, I first went to apply for CIRCUS since I always wanted to make my own game, but they put me in distribution instead so I could gain some experience about working in the industry. There I found myself capable of designing advertisements and such, but that’s when I heard about the MangaGamer project going on between a few game companies we were close with.

Although I wasn’t part of the team immediately, since I still had my main distribution job at the time, I attended their meetings to give some pointers and such. Then I was helping MangaGamer help sort out things for a while, but it was only February of 2012 that I officially became a member of MangaGamer after hopping between some companies. I’m actually surprised and glad that MangaGamer survived this long. It could have disappeared at anytime–if the higher ups back then had called it quits, if Kouryuu hadn’t joined, if Doddler wasn’t on the team today, etc.– The list could go on, but what’s important now is that MangaGamer is finally functioning as it should be (or at least on its way there).


There is still a lot we could improve on, but please give it some time, and we hope you can continue to support our releases!  I’ll try to keep the business running and negotiations going on my side!

–Evospace, now Project Manager, Acquisitions, and Support

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  1. February 2012?! That’s a lot more recent than I thought. I discovered MG only a few months later and that’s just one and a half year ago.
    Ah, and seeing the Dengeki Stryker image, how long does Overdrive still need for scripting this thing?
    Anyway, any news about talks with potential new partners like Eushully, Ricotta, Palette, Syangrila, G.J. Games or others? Or just a hint? Or at least a hint of a hint?! 😉

  2. Speaking of improvements that could be made this website could really use some work. I like mangagamer a lot but this website is very unintuitive to use and the width of the page being so small means I have to scroll down a lot to read anything. If it would take time away from actual translation though please leave this 1998 website design alone then as translation is more important than marketing for a user such as myself.

  3. I swear, your career start reminds me strangely of Eroge!. 😀

  4. Always nice to know more about companies’ history. Also, be more active on twitter!

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