World End Economica Translation Fix Patch

wee_webWe’ve finally received the updated translation correction patch from spicy tails for World End Economica episode 1.

This patch contains many corrections to the original translation as well as corrections to several minor bugs that were present in the original version.

It is currently available for download from our website via the product page, but you can also Download it Here.

To install the patch, simply extract the archive and copy the two files therein into the game folder.

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  1. I assume you don’t need to apply the patch if you download the game after this? 🙂

    • Actually, for the moment, yes you do still need to apply the patch. Spicy tails has not provided us with an updated installer yet, so we haven’t been able to update the original game download. We wanted to get the patch out and available as soon as possible so fans wouldn’t have to wait any longer than they already have.

      Once we receive an updated installer we will be updating the original download as well.

  2. Wonderful! I coudn’t get the game to work, but now with the patch it does.
    Looking forward to reading it 🙂

  3. Great! Do you happen to have an idea when Episode 2 will be coming out?

  4. The link to Fix is down. Please reload.

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