Chou Dengeki Stryker & Tick Tack Open For Pre-Orders


Today we’re proud to announce that Chou Dengeki Stryker and hard copies of Tick Tack are now available for pre-order!

Chou Dengei Styker, the brand-new expansion to the amazing, hot-blooded superhero action story of Dengeki Stryker is almost here! On sale March 28th, this expansion adds entirely redone battle scenes with all-new sprites, all-new cut-ins, and even more shocking, blazing special effects to pound the excitement home! This thrilling tale of justice versus evil adds three brand new story arcs–Love Chapter, Steel Chapter, and Light Chapter!


Is the new character, Clie, friend or foe?! What powerful bionic enhancements lie packed inside of her cybernetic arm?! What will happen to Rin and Hilko in these new arcs?! Find out as the heat keeps up in Chou Dengeki Stryker!

We’re also proud to announce our hard copies for Tick Tack are finally available for pre-order! Copies will begin shipping on March 17th, so get you pre-orders in now!

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  1. Can I be first to say, “WOOOOOOOOOO!! Chou Dengeki finally!”?



  2. Can I be second to say, “WOOOOOOOOOO!! Chou Dengeki finally!”?



  3. And here I was expecting Chou to come out around the same time as Guardians of the Galaxy. Much more fitting that this comes out a week before Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Time to preorder 🙂

  4. Hasn’t Really?Really! been in beta longer than Chou Dengeki Stryker? If so, I’m surprised to hear that Chou is coming out first.

  5. Man, I’m super-excited to finally be playing this game! I’ve been looking forward to it for so long!

    However… Hmm… It appears that the people who bought Dengeki Stryker initially will end up paying 70 dollars for the full package, whereas people who will buy Chou Dengeki Stryker now will only have to pay 45 dollars.

    • If someone bought the original during the Christmas sale for 20% off, and they preorder the Chou patch, then they actually only pay $13.50 over the $45 price tag of Chou.

    • That’s true, but that’s just kind of how it is for early adopters of any game that receives DLC or expansion packs. If you buy the base game when it comes out, and buy the DLC or expansion pack when they come out, you almost always end up paying more than if you waited and bought whatever bundles of the base game and DLC come out.

      • You’re right. And I am not saying that this is really unreasonable or unfair or anything…
        Just… I bought Dengeki Stryker at the very last day of the sale, hoping to save money that way. But it only ended up costing me.

  6. Demon Master Chris and Boob Wars 2 hard copies please!

  7. Also expected Really? Really! before Chou, but I don’t really mind since I want both. Preordered Chou Dengeki Stryker already.
    Unfortunately I can’t preorder the hard copy of Tick! Tack! yet since I want to buy it together with Deardrops to reduce shipment costs and the system doesn’t allow to mix preorder hard copies with normal ones. I guess I have to wait until it’s released.
    BTW, why does the homepage show a reduced price for the hard copy of Tick! Tack! if it isn’t reduced? $34.95 is striked out and replaced by… $34.95. Makes no sense to me.

  8. is Chou going to have a demo? I know the original version has a demo but I’m just wondering

  9. I only have a limited knowledge about eroges, so could someone please tell me of the following statements of mine are true:
    There are two types of new content for eroges: New versions and fan-discs. Chou is kind of both in one. It’s normal for a fan-disc to add a couple of routes, but it’s unusual for a new version of a game to change so much stuff compared to the original. Normally the changes are minor (e.g. a couple new h-scenes or CGs).

    • A fandisc is a separate game based on an original game. It often only has a few minor routes in it.
      Basically, Curtain Call is a fandisc to KiraKira. And Eiden Fantasia is a fandisc to Edelweiss.

      I’d say Chou Dengeki Stryker is about the same as the Plus Communications for Da Capo. It’s an expansion on the original game and ties into the original game so well that it is integrated into it and resold like that.

  10. I’m glad this patch is coming out because I purposefully held out all this time since the launch of the original version.

  11. SHUFFLE! Essence+ in both hard and download copies in same time,please doing it for now XD

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