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Today, we would like to look at Hilko from Dengeki Stryker. She is one of the character who got her own route in Cho Dengeki Stryker.

Lieutenant Hilko is a powerful member of the Balbora Empire, who always refers to herself as the “beautiful woman of womanly beauties”. Even when the Balborians go poor and have to all live in a single apartment in Japan, her haughty pride never lets her give a second thought about doing any chores for her comrades.


With a personality like her, she doesn’t obviously go well with our hero, and her annoyance towards Dengeki Stryker is shown throughout the story. However, when an opportunity for easy money comes about, she shows her clever calculating side.

She might be the farthest from being considerate, but once someone develops a strong trust with her, Hilko can become a very dedicated cute girl.

hiluko with Barbola members

The Love Saga fleshes out Hilko, previously regulated the role of a secondary character in the original Dengeki Stryker. Faced with mounting expenses associated with the maintenance and upkeep of beautiful woman of womanly beauties, Hilko realizes she must seek employment to make ends meet, buy snacks and beauty products, and to get the other Balboran vanguard soldiers off her case about money.

However, what sort of work suits a classy lass such as herself? A live-in-wife, of course!

However, what sort of work suits a classy lass such as herself? A live-in-wife, of course!

The Love Saga branches off from the Zero Saga of the original Dengeki Stryker, playing out a side story not without tension and action, but one that explores what could have been had things between Yamato and Hilko played out differently. As such, a new side to the personalities and eccentricities of the Balboran Vanguard are explored in this tale of love, cooking, and womanly beauties.


Hiluko is voiced by Yuri Himuro, and her other famous works includes the role of Yukikaze from Taimanin Yukikaze.

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  1. Funny of all the roles you mention you point out a role from a Taimanin game…could one of the unannounced titles possibly be…?

  2. I have no idea why, but I really can’t wait to play Hilko’s route!!

  3. What is the difference Cho Dengeki Stryker and the original one? fan disc? more routes?

    • Short answer: More routes and improved visuals.
      Not so short answer: Look forward to a post in the coming weeks with an overview, outlining the new features and content in Cho Dengeki Stryker.

  4. I bought the path mostly because for her. She is funny and i found her cute in some ways. I like ojou-samas. I think that her route would be awesome and i want to play it already.

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