Ultimate Boob Wars 1.01 Patch


A patch for Ultimate Boob Wars has been prepared to address a variety of issues. Find the download link and details after the jump.

1.01 Patch Details

– Corrects a large number of text and grammar issues.

– Fixes two scenes where text is out of sync.

– The usage of the word ‘wiener’ has been slightly reduced and replaced with other scene appropriate terms.

Extract the enclosed files into your Boob Wars 2 game folder to update. Users downloading the game on or after March 11th, 2014 will have the patch already applied.

Download Ultimate Boob Wars 1.01 Patch

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  1. “The Great Wiener Incident of 2013” was apparently more severe than previously thought. 😀

  2. The patch link doesn’t work.

  3. The link for the patch doesn’t work. I need the patch because I’m certain parts the lines are all out of whack.

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