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Warning! This post covers entirely new characters not present in the original Dengeki Stryker. Please be aware that there may be some spoilers.

Today, we would like to introduce you to Clie, the sword swinging, Balboran Emperor following, and doting sister of Rin from Dengeki Stryker. A one-woman-blitzkrieg, Clie slashes her way into the lives of Yuuki Yamato, Rin, and the other remnants of the Stryker-Balboran conflict following Col. Mirror’s climatic defeat at the end of the Zero Saga.


Clie is a woman of extreme honor with devotion to her duty and the Balboran Empire. Sent in as an initial strike force against the Japanese Strykers, she faces off against Styker Ten, the Stryker scientist from the Sky Saga responsible for many of the cutting edge developments that kept the Strykers at the forefront of national defense in the Dengeki Stryker manga.


However, following the conclusion of the Zero Saga, Yuuki Yamato, Hongo Haruna, and Rin discovered the truth behind their existences; that they were merely characters from the Dengeki Stryker manga brought to life by a single wish to the Memory Collector. With these survivors left behind to sift through the ashes and recover from their battle against Col. Mirror, Clie came in as a massive shock, a Balboran soldier from an empire that shouldn’t actually exist!

Thus, the all brand new Steel Saga of Cho Dengeki Stryker focuses on the sisters, Clie and Rin, as they struggle and survive together, rebuilding bonds and building new ones with those they meet in Japan. Clie’s rigid manner, formal military dress, and strict adherence to the warrior’s code places Yamato and Rin through a number of frantic and hilarious situations as Clie adjusts to life in Japan.


Clie is voiced by Megumi Hikawa, whose voice acting work includes Naka no Hito nado Inai! Tokyo Hero Project and Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai, both being titles under the ALcot label.

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  1. it starts at the end of the zero saga? then what about Haruno

  2. So does her route unlock as long as I’ve cleared the Zero saga or do I need to clear other endings?

    • The sagas must be unlocked in order of: Zero, Heaven, Sky, Love, Steel, and finally Light.

      However, in the game options, there is a section for game completion flags that allow you to mark Zero, Heaven, and Sky Saga as completed. This setting is irreversible once activated.

      • This can’t be entire true got to play the japanese Version of the Game and I could start with Love Saga.

        Didn’t changed anything in options recognizable in the fact that I couldn’t reach Heaven Saga.

        Always reached Zero or Love!

        • I admit, when I tested the game, we were told to unlock them in order. I asked another staff member if they knew about this topic and was told as such. I am unaware if any aspects of the game and engine were altered for the English release regarding the routes.

      • I never played the original Dengeki Stryker, in the list of routes you listed, is the original ‘true end’ still the last, or is it somewhere else in the lineage of routes you had to unlock?


  3. Nice girl but her mechanical arm is a bit of a turn off to be honest.

  4. So I’m assuming there’s going to be a good reason to explain why Clie wasn’t in any of the original sagas or why Rin doesn’t ever mention her even in her own inner thoughts.

  5. flag choice for this route is “going shopping with rin”

    rin will mention that yamato is serious person like her sister.

    after that, story progress almost like zero saga except that this time “no 18+ scene with haruna”, yamato just confirm that she are dear friend.

    you should get steel saga after zero saga ended.

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