Really Really Available for Pre-Orders!


In addition to our release of Lapis Gunner, today we’re proud to announce Really? Really!Β is now available for pre-orders!

Come enjoy another wonderful sequel to the fan-favorite Shuffle! franchise! Fans of Shuffle! and Kaede are sure to love this exciting new tale in the series!

When an accident throws Kaede’s memories into chaotic disarray, it’s up to you to find the contradictions in her jumbled memories in order to restore them to their proper state!

The game will be available on June 6th, 2014, but you can check out the demo version now!

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  1. Awesome! Looking forward to the full release in June!

    …Still, after immediately downloading the demo Version and playing it, there’s nothing but a black screen. The text and messages and voices are all fine, just no character portraits or pictures. That’s not normal right…?

    • No, that’s definitely not intended behavior. In your game folder, in the ReallyReallyDemo_Data subfolder, there should be a file output_log.txt. Do you think it’s possible to forward that file to the email? That way I can take a look into why it’s not working properly. If it’s a relatively old computer there might be some compatibility issues but I couldn’t say for sure without looking at the log.

      • I had no issues running the demo, and all functions seemed to work correctly. Only small problem I had is that I couldn’t skip the movie in the opening sequence, but I can’t say whether or not you’re supposed to be able to do that.

        I did run into a few text errors though. They may very well have been caught and fixed since the demo was put together, but is there somewhere I should send them just in case?

    • I have the same problem as him, ust what happened? :

  2. Can’t wait! I’m going to pre-order it soon.

  3. Finally it’s there and open for pre-order. πŸ™‚
    I was really waiting for this one to be announced. Kind of fits to the arrival of my Navel Color art book a few days ago since it has Really? Really! and Shuffle! Love Rainbow as the main theme. Still trying to get the Tick! Tack! fan book somehow…

  4. Not a Kaede fan, but I love Shuffle! That fact and a conversation with forumgoers convinced me to give it a shot, so off to grab that demo.

  5. I downloaded the demo, and as much as I’m enjoying it, I’m not hearing any voices. Any way to fix this?

    • I think there’s a bug in the demo where if you set cut voice on advance the voice won’t play at all. It’ll be fixed in the full version.

  6. its interesting i will get it
    demo isn’t bad but it feels like it doesn’t like me

  7. I tried the demo, and everything was ok, except in fullscreen mode, everything was cropped in the right.

    Example : in the title screen. It wasn’t written “demo version” but “demo versi”

    And in the game, i was only seeing half of the text buttons (lo, sa, etc…)

    I use 1280×1024 if it can help.

  8. Three words: Mayumi. Thyme. Route.

    This one is a keeper. Gonna try to get this one.

  9. In the demo, I come to the first “Really Attack!” scene and none of the keys work.

    • It isn’t enough to use the right key, you also have to use it at the right point in the conversation. The correct key should be obvious, so try that one key until it works.

  10. Oh really really cool πŸ™‚

  11. Preorder on Steam too??????

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