Tester's Corner: Milles Ed. Vol. 2


Today we’re proud to introduce our second Tester’s Corner for Milles Knight of Anal Tyranny! (This post contains minor spoilers.)

If one only saw the “main” title of this game, “Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny”, one might be tempted to make the assumption that Milles is a swordsman who goes around conquering the buttocks of unsuspecting damsels. Then one might proceed to wonder if “Milles” is a misspelling of “Miles”. If one then proceeded to read the subtitle, “Impregnated by Lusty Tentacles at the Ends of Oblivion”, one might then guess that Milles is either well-versed in the dark arts, a monster, or a dude who gets pregnant (I’ve seen stranger, I suppose).

I prefer Milles over the hypothetical Miles.

I prefer Milles over the hypothetical Miles.

For the most part, one would be incorrect. Here we have the first surprise this game threw at me: Milles is both the female protagonist and the first victim of “anal tyranny”. That isn’t to say that all of those guesses would be incorrect, though. Milles is more than a cute girl; she has quite an interesting backstory. It is revealed that Milles is actually not human, and when she learns of this, things change for the worse. Or for the better, depending on how you and your genitals look at it.

For me, Milles was the highlight of the game. She awakens in the middle of a forest with no memory of who she was or what she had been doing. After getting hands-on experience learning about the local flora and fauna (tentacles and tentacles, respectively), she makes her way to a nearby city, where her journey begins. Her ditzy personality contrasts with her spurts of sexual assault, making her a strange, amusing, and strangely amusing girl.


Whatever, I do what I want

Coming in at a close second is Sadin, the girl chosen to be the sacrifice. Although she had already resigned herself to her fate, Princess Regina has other plans. Her Highness plans to bring Sadin to a neighboring country as a refugee. Sadin is a shy, weak girl, but during her journey, she discovers that she’s more than a little masochistic.

That might leave a mark.

That might leave a mark.

Cadia, our third hero, is a tomboyish bounty hunter and the reason this game is tagged with “Futanari Heroine” on VNDB. She aids Milles in her time of need, and the two quickly strike up a friendship. Milles and Cadia are hired by the headstrong Princess Regina to escort Her Highness and Sadin to a foreign land. Regina has a soft spot for her dear Sadin. The two are a very cute couple, especially when Regina’s exhibitionist side is revealed. Speaking of cute, the following screenshot summarizes Cadia and Regina’s h-scenes. It is not particularly cute.

Great segue, or best segue?

Great segue, or best segue?

Here we have the second big surprise the game had in store for me. I’m personally not a fan of scat, and I believe there might be people out there who share this sentiment, so I will caution them that while there is an option to disable scat, this only affects the images, not the text. On the bright side, CGs with removed scat or pubic hair don’t look like anything is conspicuously missing.

Despite the above word of caution, the vast majority of the game is fairly tame for a nukige with tentacles. Don’t let yourself be dissuaded just because the game features one fetish you dislike, because the game has a wide variety of tasty content. I was pleasantly surprised that there was less raw rape than you might expect, or at least less than I expected, given the numerous tentacles on the game’s box art. I highly recommend this game because it has something for everyone. Of course, by “everyone”, I mean people who would actually read this wall of text. Yeah, you.

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