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To everyone here that loved Shuffle! and Tick! Tack! (now BOTH available for sale/preorder in hard copy form!), we’re happy to introduce you the third game in the series, Really? Really! *As this is a sequel, there may be Shuffle! or Tick! Tack! spoilers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!*


This time around the focus is on Kaede. The story takes place after the end of her route from Shuffle. One day, the Kings of the Gods and Devils decide to test Primula’s emotional control when everything goes very wrong. (I could have said “Really!” wrong, but then you’d all collectively groan and stop reading, am I right? Guys? That pun made everyone hate me at the Otakon panel, too. Sigh. Moving on.) Rin gets temporarily knocked out, but Kaede takes the real blunt, and her memories are put in shambles. The only hope of her ever regaining consciousness is for Rin and friends to magically enter her memories and correct the inconsistencies.

Gameplay and Characters

But, how do go about fixing her memories? The most straightforward way ever: Live them out acting totally out of character until you hit a good spot to point out how outrageous the event is! As the plot progresses, you’ll be able to switch between memories at will on the map…


Which eventually will have more than just one spot you can pick to go…

…and collect keywords to play in just the right spot. Memories range from minor weirdness…


The one oddity you’ll get to enjoy all game long.

to rather major weirdness…

The horror.

The horror.

but all in all, it’s a good time, and despite being Kaede-centric, the good folks at Navel did manage to make sure if you’ve got a favorite, they’ll get some screen-time! Got someone from the Shuffle cast you liked? There’s a scene for that.

Never change, Asa-sempai.

Never change, Asa-sempai. …or do, I sure don’t mind the long hair.

Got someone from Tick Tack you liked? Hell, there’s a scene for that.


Nobody can escape the Thunder Kick!

And hey, maybe you’ll just discover you find a new character you like…

Who could this be?

Who could this be?

Look forward to next week’s post, and the game’s release!

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  1. The story sounds pretty funnny, though it’s a real petty that the non-Kaede routes seem to be just illusions. I really wanted to get Nadeshiko for real – and long haired Asa and Sakura, etc.

    And there’s a scene for each character from Tick Tack? That means there’s a scene with Ai?!?

    • We can only hope there will be a scene for Ai. But I agree that it kind of sucks all the other routes will be illusions. Oh well though, better than nothing!

    • As for Bene-sense, you’ll have to wait for Essence+ (the sad thing is that Navel gave the script-writing of her route to an intern, maybe? It’s not very good)

    • I may not have worded that exactly as well as I intended. I don’t believe Ai shows up, I just meant characters from Tick Tack (like Sage, hence the picture) show up. Sorry about that. ^^; (There’s totally some red haired Nerine though!)

  2. Can’t wait to play the full game; may this do well enough that can convince someone at Navel to give us Essence +… maybe an expansion of some sort?

  3. Is it needed to play Tick Tack in order to understand stuff from this VN?

    • You might be a little confused on a couple references, but for the most part you should be fine if you skipped over Tick Tack. I’d definitely say to play Shuffle first, however.

      • Cool, thanks. I don’t really like Nerine so I skipped over Tick Tack but I do plan on replaying Shuffle before this comes out.

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