Armored Warrior Iris: Translator's Corner


Hi! This is Cafe. You probably don’t know me. I don’t want to talk too much about the general game info ’cause you can read all that stuff on its page already.

This was my first project for MangaGamer and I think it turned out pretty well. I didn’t know I’d be working on a Lilith game when I first got the job. I was just as surprised as you all likely were when MG announced they had acquired titles from Lilith at last year’s Anime Expo. It was shortly after that that I began work on Iris.

This is a nukige through and through, but there is some semblance of a plot here with a real conclusion. It might be twisted, but it’s there, and mildly amusing. I came to really like Iris, the lead, not just because she’s hot, but she’s a fun character in her own right. The game can come off as silly at times, but it breaks up the dark nature of it.

Surprisingly, there are references to a few sci-fi staples, so readers familiar with those works should notice this. I’ll hold off on saying which to prevent spoiling the surprise. There’s a chance I missed some references in translation, but I did try to be thorough with my research.

Mechs and shizz, yo.

Mechs and shizz, yo.

The h-scenes are divided in to three categories: sex with humanoids, aliens, or body modification. The body mod stuff is the least prominent of the bunch, but there are still a number of scenes featuring it. I think my favorite scenes are the yuri ones, though. Yes, it has yuri, too.


Do note that the game is told entirely from Iris’ perspective. This includes h-scenes. Some people love this stuff (like myself), but others might be turned off from not having your typical self-insert male protagonist. I think everyone interested in the title or Lilith’s games in general should still give it a chance. There is still a lot to enjoy here, and it isn’t entirely rape. But, there is plenty of that, if that’s what you’re here for.

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  1. hooray yuri 😀

  2. Wait, a nukige with nothing but a female 1st-person POV?

    I’ve honestly never heard of that. I’m definitely intrigued!

  3. I wish more female protagonist / first person pov games would be brought over, I’m so so so so terribly sick of the “standard” male lead.

    Lilith got a few of those, so please keep up the good work and get more of them translated 😉

  4. what? everybody knows you, cafe. or maybe i’m too much of a stalker.

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