Armored Warrior Iris – Types of H-Scenes


Today I am here to share with you the various sexual encounters that Armored Warrior Iris offers. The h-scenes are split into three categories: humanoid sex, alien sex, and body modification. Each of these categories, however, boasts a number of different situations.

While I can’t show you every scene the game has to offer, I can describe some of them. The humanoid scenes are the most tame of the bunch, but they still are quite deviant in some instances. The very first scene is as vanilla as it gets, though, with Iris having sex with a fellow human (or Earthling, in this instance). There’s also a scene involving Iris being gang-raped by a group of humanoids known as “Bitlings”. The alien scenes, in comparison, are far more out there.


Moving on, we have a number of unique species in the alien scenes, or whatever you want to call them. Also, tentacles. And bugs. And giant sperma.


So, the body modification are the most interesting of the bunch. One even involves a loli-fied Iris. There’s also futa, more tentacles, and giant sex here.

Isn't she cute?

Isn’t she cute?

There are a number of h-scenes that don’t fall under any of these categories. They are more tied to the actual scenario and are not really dependent on which choices you make. The choice system essentially has you choose one of the three categories when you are given the chance to choose a guest to sleep with.

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