Tester’s Corner: Armored Warrior Iris Ed. Vol 3

01Today we’re proud to present another Tester’s Corner for Lilith‘s Armored Warrior Iris!

When I first heard that this game was called Armored Warrior Iris, I’ll admit; I kind of expected it to be about giant Gundam style mechs that engage in some sort of sex combat arena. Although that sounds like an awesome game, sadly it’s not this one. Here the title of Armored Warrior refers to a group of female only mech pilots tasked with handling the kinds of missions that normal soldiers just can’t do.

The main protagonist of the story is Armored Warrior Iris, one of the top two Armored Warriors; who gets separated from her partner and captured while on a mission. From here she is sold into the prostitution ring, and… I think we see where this is going. I’m sure you’ve guessed, but the story is slightly less complex than “Citizen Kane”, however in terms of a framing device for the sex scenes it works perfectly.

The human trafficking game at its finest.

The human trafficking game at its finest.

Thankfully the two lead characters are generally fun to listen to, and were able to keep me entertained until I reached the end. The first is Iris; a proud member of the Armored Warriors, who throws herself into her job rather than any kind of social or sex life. However once she is sold into slavery she begins to notice, and for that matter enjoy her change from a proud Armored Warrior, to an insatiable sex slave.

The second is Riruru, an elven woman who is the number two at the brothel Iris works at. She also becomes the closest thing Iris has to a friend while she’s trapped. She’s a bit of a sex maniac and sadist who treats Iris well enough, but still often leads Iris into traps that usually end in her getting raped. Strangely enough Riruru both looks and acts very similarly to Iris’ partner Mei Li, who was also captured during the same mission as Iris, but whom she hasn’t seen since.

Yep… the closest thing to a friend she's got.

Yep… the closest thing to a friend she’s got.

When it comes down to the H-scenes, the brothel setup gives plenty of opportunities to introduce variety; which thankfully the game capitalizes on. You see there are three main routes that you can advance down, the humanoid, alien, and body modification route. The humanoid route is about as close to vanilla sex as you can get, introducing a string of simple H-scenes that don’t really cater to any particular fetish outside of normal sex.

As I said; it's probably the most 'vanilla' of the routes.

As I said; it’s probably the most ‘vanilla’ of the routes.

The Alien route was where things started to get slightly more interesting, bringing in tentacles, insects, fish, and some other things for good measure. Though I have to say this was probably my least favorite route to play through. It just felt like there should have been more kinds of aliens and the ones, who are there, just seem so standard and slightly repetitive as well. In the end, I was a bit let down. Not to say it was a bad experience or anything, I was just more disappointed than anything else.

For me the Body Modification route was probably the most fun to play through. This revolves around Iris herself being modified to suit the needs of each customer. Resulting in situations such as having her tits enlarged, having her body reverted to a younger age, or even having Iris impregnated. To me it felt like Black Lilith had the most fun coming up with this route, and I definitely had the most fun reading through it.

Armored Warrior Iris has a little something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re into tentacles, futanrai, huge breasts, huge dongs, or a lot of other things. I’m not saying that every kind of fetish is represented here, but for the most part Armored Warrior Iris has most of its bases covered. To properly describe how I felt about Armored Warrior Iris as a whole after playing it; I leave you with this quote.

“It’s a fascinating voyage of pain and despair that leaves you emotionally drained and satisfied, like fucking a burning dolphin.”
–Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw

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  1. Now if only we could get Yahtzee to play this. Or someone here could do a Yahtzee style review of this game. Either way would work 🙂

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