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The Menagerie title

Today we at MangaGamer are proud to announce that we will be offering The Menagerie by Lupiesoft on our website!

This OEL VN developed by Lupiesoft, an English developer founded in December 2011, is the groups very first venture in 18+ territory! Thanks to the success of their kickstarter project, Dizzy Hearts (a project still in development and due to be released on steam by Sekai Project), Lupiesoft garnered enough funding to develop Vagabond as well, a game set in the same world and time period (The Radiant Period) as Dizzy Hearts.

While Vagabond will tell its own tale about common life in the desert city of Alabast, The Menagerie turns inward to take a close look at the decadence inside the city’s most prominent landmark–The Sail, a section of the city in which wealthy high-class nobles live in utter extravagance.

In The Menagerie, you’ll get to follow Rao-ji, a fiore (aka a hermaphrodite or futanari) and a Drachene, in her sexy tale of personal discovery amid a menagerie of beings collected for the entertainment of  Alabast’s lewd and opulent desert nobles!

We’re proud to help support the development and sale of more Adult Visual Novels here in the west, by western developers, and we hope all our fans will come take a look and share some of our excitement in adding this great game to our catalog!

After all, what’s not to love about hot and sexy yuri, futanari, and bondage action between some monster-girls, elves, and more?!

The Menagerie CG preview

(For more information about Lupiesoft, check out their Steam group page and their blog. You can also check out their Patreon page to see the design and creativity behind the games they make and offer some support to help keep them going.)

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  1. i would like to play this but my laptop just doesnt meet the requirements for this title to run well.i wish devs could optimize their products better for low end pcs like mine.mine is dual core but just running at 1.3 ghz =/

    • Take note that a 2GHz Core 2 Duo will be considerably slower than the likes of a 1.3GHz Core i5 Haswell. Alternatively a 1.3GHz E-300 would be absolutely murdered by a 2GHz Core 2 Duo.

      • yeah thanks for the explanation.this is the only laptop that i could buy at the time and i have pretty limited resources.but i was told by people here at mangamer that vns could run even on a potato but it seems that i was mislead and made the wrong purchase =/

        otherwise, i would have saved the money that i had so later on i could buy a more powerful system.

  2. Thanks Perrandy,

    We’re optimizing for 720p displays and the engine we are using is very flexible in it’s requirements. These requirements are just a ballpark.

    That said we created a very small VN game for Naniwrimo (about 30minutes long) here, it’s free:

    If you can play this game you can play The Menagerie.

    • you are welcomed.the link that you gave me sent me to your website which requires me to put my cc info in order to download the game even if its for free? at any rate,i’m grateful for your response and wish if there was a possibility to put the demo on mangamer itself because that way it would be easier for me and others,

      • It’s ‘pay what you want’ actually. I just say free because you can pay if you want to. You can just skip entering info, type in “$0” and hit enter and get the download anyways.

        >@roa Thanks, it’s certainly difficult for western devs to include erotic content in their games and be taken seriously. I think there’s unmet demand for erotic fiction given how companies like Manga Gamer exist to bring it over here. And moreover it’s something I really want to do as a creator.

    • just tried the game last night and i will report that it runs pretty well on my for the v/n itself,it reminded me of disgaea for some, yeah i will be looking forward to support you on your project,thanks

  3. This is awesome, wish more devs would take leaps of faith like you instead of pushing the same generic stuff. Anyway hoping to see more awesome futa/Yuri stuff from you.

  4. I echo what roa said. It is so great to see this from a developer in the West. There are so many Western developers who already sell (all ages) games on MangaGamer’s website that are too paranoid to even mention the concept that 18+ games exist. I hope The Menagerie succeeds and leads to more games here from Lupiesoft. And I hope that convinces other Western developers to take the leap to create 18+ games.

  5. Yuri,futanari, No voices and bad Art. I’m not interested in this one.

  6. I’m surprised this VN was announced so soon, since the Hot News section on MangaGamer’s site says it won’t be released until fall 2015.

  7. I kinda hate all the dark nukige we get these days. Armored Warrior Iris has at least one good ending unlike many others. Wish they focused more on story driven Vns with less crazy/horny male leads. This is kind of a breath of fresh air. And I like Monster Girls so… 😀

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