Meet the Imoutos #4: Koharu


This panchira character is Koharu, Hiyori’s older twin. She’s the tomboy of the group. That mostly means she’s good at sports and has no compunctions talking about franks and beans. As indicated by her fang, she also likes to tease you relentlessly.


Speak of the devil. She needs to learn to extend her pinky like a proper lady when teasing you. Being a tomboy is no excuse for poor manners.


Koharu is in the tennis club and swimming club. And probably also the kendou club, considering how well she handles a pork sword. Dohohoho. This is just like those special training camps in sports manga. Except instead of a tough but loving coach who can make Koushien more than just a dream, Koharu is relying on a useless, perverted siscon of an older brother. Oh well, maybe next year, Koharu. Aim for the ace!


All that training has made Koharu highly dexterous and coordinated. Not only can she walk and chew gum, she can eat rice and give foot jobs. This is an advanced skill that only high level imoutos can master after meditating for many hours under a waterfall. If she keeps this up, she could even become the Undefeated of the East.

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  1. She looks much more fun than her twin!

  2. protagonist can defeat the Undefeated of the East by using his Erupting Burning _______!

  3. Best Imouto spotted.

  4. Lolis, same age and elder people is fine by me but i cute loli little sister so perverse and pro-active take the moe from her. She would be perfect if she were tsunere. I guess her sister took the dere thing from her when they were born.

    I guess she won’t be my favorite.

  5. a little spice to balance the sugar, i’m all for that.

    this post is too funny, i don’t usually do nukige but i think i may have to

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