Imouto Paradise – Michika


Today, one of our translators for Imouto Paradise is proud to introduce and discuss your little sister, Michika!


Ahh… Michika. Through her route I feel like I’ve learned so much more about myself. The many facets of love one can experience and the many facets they can lead down. Let’s start with her personality. The kuudere is a very underplayed character type in recent years. I’ve seen a plenty of moe-archetypes and Onee-san roles deployed in various games which is all good in on itself, but I still have a soft spot for the calm and collected honest type. By no means am I saying that Michika is perfect, but the subtle changes in attitude are probably what I find most charming. Her being well read adds much flavor to her already well rounded personality and accentuates her story quite well.


I said I’ve learned much about myself through her route and honestly I am afraid of what I’ve become. She… opens new doors and teaches. Some of these doors I feel I may not have wanted open but I am a stronger human being by now seeing what’s behind them. I have verily enjoyed her route and the progression of her own feelings and boundaries.


Compared to the other imouto she may seem cold and caring little about them but is probably the second most considerate of the imouto. (Can’t compare to Aya since she cooks every meal.) I digress though, she understands each of their little quirks the best. In her route she uses this to her advantage more than once. I do hope you enjoy this route as much as it gave me joy to translate :)


Some parts may cause a few players to feel “uncomfortable” but I do feel that’s all part of the fun. Sit tight with an open mind and open heart and you too may experience the same feelings I had reading this piece.

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  1. Glad to see that you saved the best girl for last. Ahhh Michika, everytime that you say “niisama” my heart skip a beat <3

  2. I’m interested and scared (last pic) of her after this

  3. Dominatrix? I’ll gladly let her whip, crush, and step all over me (^0^)/ sadly Iris Heart has already awakened the masochistic fetish within me.

    Does it really happen though? I’ve been trying not to get a peek at any of the game’s HCGs more so than I have to. Can’t wait, release date right around the corner.

  4. I felt disgusted while playing through her route, i constantly wanted MC tell her to go fuck her self and punch her in her mouth.

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