Cartagra Cross Platform Demo


We’re proud to announce that Cartagra, when released late next month, will be available on not just Windows, but also Mac OS and Linux platforms! In addition, the Cartagra demo has been prepared for the two new platforms, so you can give it a try right away!

Mac OS: Demo Download

Linux: Demo Download

If you’re a Windows user and haven’t had a chance to try the Cartagra demo yet, you can download the trial here.

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  1. OMG! That’s a good news! Android port maybe? 😉 It would be great to play a VN like this on tablet.

  2. Will it be available on Steam?

  3. Played the demo for a while and everything seems to work fine. I tested it on Arch Linux x64. Good job! Font looks really good in full screen.

    I think it takes bit too long though until the quick save/load dialogue pops up after you click on it. Somehow this makes you think that the game has already been saved, and then suddenly a dialogue appears.

  4. Awesome. +1 guaranteed sale from me.

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