Tester’s Corner: d2b vs DEARDROPS Ed. Vol 2



Today we’re proud to introduce our second Tester’s Corner for d2b vs DEARDROPS! d2b vs DEARDROPS –Cross the Future- was my first experience playing a title in the KIRA KIRA and DEARDROPS world as a tester and not a consumer. KIRA KIRA was before my time, and I was occupied with a different title when DEARDROPS was up for testing. However, this would mark the third time I would visit an OVERDRIVE title as a tester.


My feelings regarding this title could be summarized as that of great nostalgia at the return of both the cast of KIRA KIRA and DEARDROPS. It has been a few years since I had visited these two titles, and d2b vs dd tosses the player several years into the future of the true end for both games. I was able to see where the members of the Second Literature Club ended up following their rapid rise to fame in music and where Kirari was in her quest to international status as a musician. At the same time, the state of DEARDROPS and the return of Shouichi to the band served to ground the game’s setting as the members of DEARDROPS still remained true to their cause.


The game was short. I would wager almost too short, as it opens up the window in the end to new stories and new adventures, leaving me wanting to both replay DEARDROPS and KIRA KIRA as well as hoping for a new installment in the series from OVERDRIVE.

As music is the theme for the title, the soundtracks featured in this game were enjoyable and themed to match the band or characters currently speaking. The best track to me had to be the final vocal track featuring both bands as they performed at their joint concert.


This title was the first title in which I got to work on using Doddler’s new engine here at MangaGamer. While the experience was not a completely smooth ride, the rate in which Doddler provided fixes to the problems, usually minor and cosmetic, was a welcome breath of fresh air when compared to the fix times of some of my previous assignments. I could tell that he worked hard to accurately recreate the visual effects featured in the original engine by OVERDRIVE, and I can personally say that the presentation of the game was buttery smooth.

All in all, my experiences testing d2b vs DEARDROPS –Cross the Future- could be cut down to a few simple points. It was a worthy sequel that crosses over two of OVERDRIVE’s previous titles. It is a short game without branching that takes a few hours to play from start to finish. And finally, d2b vs DD left me wanting more from the series, as it ended on a note open to expansion. Overall, I can’t complain and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to work on this title.


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  1. carnivorousbunny

    I loved this game. And I agree, as soon as I was done I just went… Wow… I need to play Kira Kira and DD again.

    I also wish it was longer. I sat down and played it all in one sitting. Though I probably would have done that anyway no matter how long it was. >.<

    Loved it to bits and if you are humming and hahing over buying it then I totally recommend getting it.

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