Moe Day Sale!


We here at MangaGamer are proud to announce our Moe Day Sale!

This sale has now ended.

What is Moe Day, you ask?

Moe Day (moe no hi) is a bit of Japanese wordplay. Taking place on 10/10, Moe Day is 十月十日 in Japanese. Written traditionally, with the date read right to left vertically, you get:

moe no hi date fixed

Which visually resembles the Japanese kanji for moe!

moe no hi moe

In commemoration of this day, MangaGamer is putting eighteen of some of our most popular titles up for sale for 24 hours on October 10th!


Titles included in this event are:


This sale will last 24 hours, from midnight till 11:59PM in US Eastern Time on October 10th!


And while you’re visiting our store, check out Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~, releasing on October 31st with a trial available for sampling and preorders open now!

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  1. Good time for me to pick up Otoboku and the Edelweiss bundle.

    Got the rest of the list already 😀

  2. >No imopara

    Imoutos confirmed for not moe

  3. Good prices i’ll have to pick up otoboku and either dc2 or shuffle or both :p

  4. It’s somehow funny that the ‘girl’ on the left side of the Moe-Day-Sale banner is actually a trap. Poor Otoboku heroines – getting beaten in a cover girl contest by the protagonist guy… 🙂

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