Cartagra – Side Characters Part 2


Today we’re proud to present the last set of side characters filling out the broad cast of Cartagra!



A prostitute at the Yukishiro, Rin is an energetic, cheerful girl who loves to tease Shugo. Shugo is of the opinion that men who live or work at brothels shouldn’t sleep with the girls there, so he’s constantly brushing off Rin’s advances, much to her delight, since she loves to see his flustered face.

Rin is played by Yoshizawa Yua, who has played Nishizono Mio in Little Busters!, Kousonsan in Koihime Musou, and Shiraki Aeka in Yume Miru Kusuri. She also appears in Kara no Shojo as Hazuki Kyoko.


Ayasaki Takako

Takako is Nana’s classmate, who met Shugo back when he was a police officer. The heiress to a wealthy family, Takako greatly enjoys the company of the Takashiro siblings, who don’t treat her specially because of her social status. As she’s looked up to Shugo since she knew him when she was young, she comes to him for advice about a personal problem of hers.

Takako is played by Imuraya Honoka, who has appeared as Ryofu in Koihime Musou and Kirishima Rain in the Baldr Sky series.



Otoha is another Yukishiro prostitute. She’s the same age as Rin, and the two of them are close friends. She takes her work very seriously, and can be a little harsh when chastising the younger girls at the Yukishiro, like Hatsune.

Otoha is played by Hokuto Minami, who was Son Shoukou in Koihime Musou, Omi Atsumi in Guilty ~TheSiN~, and Takayashiki Aoba in Kazoku Keikaku, among many other roles.


Arishima Kazuma

Inspector Arishima was Shugo’s superior officer during the war and after it during his days as a police detective. Now he comes to his former subordinate to bring him work and pick his brain about difficult cases. Shugo has a hard time turning down requests from Arishima because of the history between them.

Arishima is voiced by Shima Kazunari, but you might know him as Nakata George, or Kotomine Kirei from Fate/stay night.

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  1. Is this VN playable without a walkthrough?

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