Cartagra – Side Characters Part 1


Today we’re proud to present the first set of side characters filling out the broad cast of Cartagra!



Orphaned at a young age, Hatsune has been living at the Yukishiro for most of her life. Though she can be clumsy, she takes her job as a serving girl very seriously and is especially passionate about taking care of Shugo for some reason. Hatsune doesn’t leave the Yukishiro much, and she feels like she owes Madam Ujaku a debt for taking her in, so she’s come to think that the only place she belongs is the Yukishiro. She’ll make her debut as a prostitute there soon, and she seems ready, but there might be something she needs to tell Shugo first…

Hatsune is voiced by Miyabi Himeno, who reprises her role in Kara no Shojo and also plays Toyama Midori in Yoakemae yori ruri-iro na and Saya in Saya no Uta.


Aoki Toji

Toji is Shugo’s partner in crime–literally. A high ranking member of a yakuza-like syndicate in Ueno called the “Hand of Death,” Toji has had a sort of partnership with Shugo since his days as a police detective. Even after Shugo quits the force, the two remain close friends, and Toji still looks out for Shugo when he gets in over his head with his detective work. Contrary to her intimidating appearance, Toji’s really rather sweet, and it’s clear that she really cares about Shugo. When he starts looking into Yura’s disappearance, she comes to him to warn him that the “Hand of Death” is also searching for a girl who looks just like Yura…

Toji is voiced by Morii Kanon, who reprises her role in Kara no Shojo 2.


Takashiro Nana

Nana is Shugo’s little sister, though she hardly acts the part. Taking after her brother, she does some detective work of her own as a hobby, and immediately takes an interest in the bizarre serial murders plaguing Ueno, to Shugo’s chagrin. Nana’s intelligence, memory, and deductive skills are quite impressive, though the dangerous things she says and does make Shugo worry about her future. While Shugo’s working the Kozuki Yura case, Nana looks into the murders, dropping by every so often to share her findings and thoughts with him.

Nana is voiced by Isshiki Hikaru, a prolific voice actress who’s played Kurugaya Yuiko in Little Busters!, Kannei in Koihime Musou, Urr Schlichte in Harem Party, and countless other roles. She also plays Nana’s older sister, Natsume, in Kara no Shojo.



The proprietress of the Yukishiro, Ujaku is a retired prostitute who now manages both a brothel and a considerable information network that Shugo occasionally makes use of for his detective work. Ujaku has a very caring personality, and thinks of many of her prostitutes as her own children.

Ujaku is played by Okuda Kaori, who plays Tachibana Seira in the Baldr Sky series and Emma in Togainu no Chi.

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  1. I’m really looking forward to this, I hope the story is on par to Kara no Shojo

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