Cho Dengeki Stryker Limited Editions Available for Pre-Order!

Today we’re proud to announce the Limited Edition Hard Copies of Chou Dengeki Stryker are now available for Pre-Order!

Chou Dengeki Stryker, the amazing, hot-blooded superhero action tale is now out in Limited Edition Hard Copy!

Order your copy today while supplies last to grab the Limited Edition album featuring vocal tracks from Masaaki Endoh, AiRI, and more!

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  1. You have actually managed to make me consider getting this. Will see whether I have the money, buying my own home has made the monetary situation a bit more tricky for the next few years. Will probably get around to this one sooner or later, though.

  2. Oh, those came sooner than expected. I guess I can revert to my original plan of getting Cho, ef and DMC in one shipment then.

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