Tester’s Corner: Melissa Ed. Vol 1


For my second beta test with Mangagamer, I played through Royal Guard Melissa. This is a short, dark, nukige. After a brief exposition about the scenario at the very beginning of the game, the rest of the game consists entirely of h-scenes. And none of those h-scenes are consensual. There is a total of one choice presented throughout the entire game, and it only affects the scene immediately following.


The gist of the game is that Melissa, the royal guard for Princess Asuka from the previous game in this series, has been forced into being Girudea’s sex slave. (Girudea can be seen in the screenshot above as the one receiving a blowjob.) One day Melissa tries to resist by killing Girudea, but she fails, and she’s punished by being turned into a futa and forced to have sex with several different monsters.


As you might expect from such a scenario, one of the monsters has tentacles.

As the game progresses, she goes from initially hating Girudea to, at the end, having her mind broken and constantly begging for more sex.


Melissa even ends up forcing herself onto princess Asuka, who she had originally been trying to protect. But does it count as yuri if one of them is a futa?

The voice acting in the game was surprisingly good for this kind of title, even if it is mostly just grunts and moans. You could really feel a lot of emotion behind it, which I think is important in eroge. I liked the artwork, except for the nipples looking kind of weird. If you’re looking for a quick nukige and into any of tentacles, futanari, or lactation, then this is probably the game for you. If you want any kind of plot or high quality writing, look elsewhere.

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing Tetra series translated too!

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