Introduction to Secret Sorrow of the Siblings

Today we’re proud to present a short introduction to Secret Sorrow of the Siblings!

Released in 2012 by Appetite, Secret Sorrow of the Siblings features the shameful, incestuous relationship between you and your younger sister, Arisa, as you blackmail her into becoming your own personal sex slave. After catching her sucking your twin brother’s dick, you’re overcome by a jealous rage and decide to film her to blackmail her with later. If she doesn’t comply with your demands, the whole school will find out about their incestuous relationship and not just her reputation, but your brother’s reputation as the baseball team’s star, will be ruined.
Fully voiced with two endings and including 15 erotic scenes including public sex, deflowering, and many other types of sexual play. Steal your sister from your brother and turn her into your toy that craves for more!
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  1. Francisco Garcia Fuentes

    After checking it out, I must say, those are sweet music tracks.

  2. Huh, those are some pretty sweet music tracks.

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