A Message From minori Regarding eden* plus mosaic


We’ve received a lot of questions from fans regarding how mosaics and censorship will be handled in our upcoming release of eden* plus mosaic from minori. Today, we’re proud to present their answer to this question.

We will retain [the mosaics].

This goes for the future as well, but fundamentally, so long as there is the possibility of [this edition] being reverse imported into Japan, we cannot refute the possibility that our company, minori, will be forced to be legal responsibility in such a case, so this choice is one we make to avoid those legal risks.

Please understand that people in Japan are just as sensitive about the depiction of genitalia as those outside of Japan are sensitive to the depiction of lolis.

However, in regards to the future (which we don’t know whether this will happen or not), if we do end up developing adult products for release only in Western markets, then we will abide by the ethical standards of the nation [those products] are first released in, and release those products without mosaics.

Note: Due to production issues, eden* PLUS MOSAIC will initially be released with the original mosaics intact as-is. Once minori finishes development work on their current Japanese release, it will be updated to feature Reduced Mosaics like ef -a fairy tale of the two.

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  1. Well, if the mosaics were removed wouldn’t they have to change the title? lol

  2. I don’t mind at all. CGs are usually drawn with mosaic in mind, so when you remove it you can get some real goofy shit (anus-less girls, et.c.)

    The mosaic doesn’t really detract from the experience, anyway.

  3. Why is it that only Minori seems to care?

    It’s completely stupid, though it’s not like we can actually do anything to change their minds.

  4. Why even bother translating these censored games? Those resources would be put to better use on something else. Well, at least minori games have a story, working on stuff like “Obscene Medical Records of a Married Nurse” is a complete waste of your time.

    • …How do you call translating something with mosaics (which are generally super unobtrusive) a waste of time and then in the next breath call translating straight porn nukiage a waste of time in the next sentence?

      What WOULDN’T be a waste of time with your mindset? Apparently you want porn … but also you don’t???

      Personally if I’m gonna be sinking 10+ hours into a game anyway I could really give no fucks at all if there’s a little blurring on the naughty bits. I mean at that point you aren’t investing the time because you want to wank off anyway right?

      But I don’t understand the mindset of people complaining about the mosaics at all in the first place anyway so whateves.

  5. And they are proud of that answer? No kidding. Be less proud and more humble next time and maybe you will say something you can actually be proud of.

    @BookwormOtaku: well, eden + mosaic is the right title for that release, in fact.

  6. No problem, as long as you guys don’t censor the Loli too much.

  7. Fucking minori again. Could you guys try to ask if they can do a reduction on the mosaics like they did on ef please? cause i really don´t like their mosaics.

  8. As stated on the end of the post, minori will reduce the mosaics but not right now because they’re working on another project.

  9. It’s nice Minori is actually releasing a few of their games outside Japan, but they just can’t seem to let go of their fear of issues involving overseas buyers.

    Despite their willingness to allow a localization of this game, they still haven’t even lifted their IP block on their website since the Rapelay scandal five years ago. Seriously, not even Illusion is this paranoid.

    I don’t mind mosaics that much, but are they aware that many customers overseas do?

  10. Not caring at all. Modern mosaics are pretty unobtrusive, I don’t even notice them half the time. Not at all like 10-15 years ago with the enormous blurred boxes or blacking out half the scene.

    While I’m in full agreement that minori is being overly paranoid, it is their decision to make. No need to get all up in arms over it.

  11. Praise our minori gods.

  12. I’d like minori’s stuff to be uncensored, but I’m not too bothered by it. I do think they are being paranoid, but this won’t stop me from buying their visual novels. I plan on buying both this and the ef hard copy.

    I haven’t preordered ef yet. I need to wait until my next paycheck, so I’ll get it a little after release.

  13. Their choice to censor it, my choice to not buy products with censorship. That’s really all there is.

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