MangaGamer Winter Sale!


Today we’re happy to announce our upcoming two week Winter Sale! From December 12th until December 26th, we’re offering 25% or more off on select titles! Come celebrate the holidays with some of the finest  games we have to offer! Hardcopies are on sale too, so you can buy some of our great games as gifts for your friends! Check the full list after the break! 

Cho Dengeki Stryker 45% OFF!(and all-ages version 50% OFF!)
Da Capo (and hardcopy) 25% OFF!
Da Capo 2 (and hardcopy) 25% OFF!
DEARDROPS (and hardcopy) 25% OFF!
DEARDROPS & d2b Bundle 25% OFF!
Demon Master Chris 25% OFF!
ef – the first tale 25% OFF!
ef – the latter tale 25% OFF!
Go Go Nippon (and hardcopy) 45% OFF!
Harukoi Otome 25% OFF!
If My Heart Had Wings 25% OFF!
Kara no Shoujo 25% OFF!
Kira Kira Bundle 25% OFF!
Kira Kira (and all-ages version) 25% OFF!
Kira Kira Curtain Call 25% OFF!
Koenchu 40% OFF!
Koihime Musou (and hardcopy) 25% OFF!
Harukoi Otome 25% OFF!
OtoBoku 25% OFF!
Shuffle (and hardcopy) 25% OFF!
Soul Link 25% OFF!
Suika A.S.+ 25% OFF!
Tick Tack 25% OFF!
World End Economica 40% OFF!

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  1. Might be a good time to finally get Koihime Musou, been wanting to do this for a while now. First I’ll need to see if I have any money left after everything else I need to pay this month, though…

  2. Is the blog pic part of ef art book that will come in the limited edition?

  3. Thanks for the answer.
    Just got one more reason to look forward to receive the art book 😀

  4. Is there any chance the patch of Cho Dengeki Styker will go on sale, or am I SOL?

  5. Does anyone know if old visual novels like Kira Kira or Da Capo run on Windows 8 64 bits?

  6. Please don’t sell “If My Heart Had Wings”, this is a totally butchered version with 50% of images removed or edited and with heavily edited and incorrect translation.

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