Tester’s Corner: Secret Sorrow Ed. Vol 2.

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Hello once again! Belucre is back, this time with a tester’s corner for The Secret Sorrow of the Siblings.

With the passage of time, even the closest of siblings can grow apart. What starts out as an inseparable trio turns to bitterness and isolation, as Kaito, Arisa, and Rikuto find themselves going down separate paths. Arisa is an ambitious gymnastic student and an unparalleled beauty, earning love letters and praise from almost every boy in school; Rikuto is a skilled athlete, sternly devoted to his studies; and Kaito is the socially-withdrawn introvert, who spends his time inside for days at a time.cg-3

In any other eroge, it would be predictable, even expected, that Rikuto would be the main character, attracting girls with his charisma and kind heart. But this is not a story of love triumphing over all: the protagonist here is Kaito, whose dull outward demeanor hides a vicious grudge and a sadistic streak, driven to the darkest depths of inhumanity by his burning envy towards his brother and suppressed lust for his sister. There is no mercy to be found here, only acts of cruelty: blackmail, extortion, and systematic abuse is just the beginning.cg 2

Kaito assumes his siblings have all been equally distant from each other, but how wrong he is, when one night, he makes a shocking discovery: Rikuto and Arisa have been indulging in a sexual relationship. Arisa confesses her love for her brother, and despite Rikuto’s hesitation, she asks that he accepts her feelings once and for all. In secret, they come to an agreement to wait until after the upcoming sports tournament is over. Yet unbeknownst to them, Kaito has been recording their forbidden encounter…cg-4

The following day, he threatens Arisa with Rikuto’s expulsion from the sports team, should he expose the evidence of their taboo coupling. He gives her a choice: to be his to use as he pleases until the sports tournament, or for her secret to be revealed. With no other choice, Arisa reluctantly agrees to be his plaything for the next few weeks, allowing Kaito to indulge in his incestual obsession and sexual training of his little sister.


With Arisa as the sole heroine, even with a sparse cast of characters, there are a surprising number of endings and twists to the story. The music is appropriately menacing, the art is unusually impressive for nukige, and the character design for Arisu is especially adorable, but none of those are the true focus of the title. As much of the plot revolves around sex, it’s these scenes which are the most varied, with the longest duration. Imouto and netorare (NTR) fetishes are catered to without question, but there is also exhibitionism, threesomes, bondage, and much more.

Would you rather be a kind older brother, who spares his unfortunate little sister from a cruel fate? Or would you like to tame the fierce spirit of an impudent younger sibling? The choice is yours to make. In any case, I certainly don’t mind indulging in some forbidden familial love in The Secret Sorrow of the Siblings.

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