Translator's Corner: Space Pirate Sara #2

Hi! Cafe here with another translator’s corner for Space Pirate Sara. I’m going to be covering the h-scenes featured in Space Pirate Sara today.

I guess the first thing to note would be the differences between Space Pirate Sara‘s and Armored Warrior Iris‘s h-scenes. Sara has much less interspecies sex than Iris, so if you’d rather see girls getting plowed by aliens and what have you, Iris fills that niche quite well.. On the other hand, if interspecies stuff isn’t your thing, Sara has plenty of human focused h-scenes. Also, as I noted in my first post, Sara has fewer h-scenes in general than Iris. However, it makes up for this with a bit more focus on the plot and longer h-scenes. Another thing to note is that there’s a larger cast of girls with h-scenes than there is in Iris.


Another difference is the amount of futanari the game features. I’d say futa is so prevalent in Sara that it makes up a good third or more of all the h-scenes. I’m not complaining, but if futa isn’t your thing you might be put off. In addition, there’s far less tentacle action in Sara than there is in Iris.


Anyway, I hope everyone is looking forward to Space Pirate Sara. If you’re at all interested in seeing additional Lilith games in the west please consider picking it up.

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