MangaGamer Announces XXXmas Sale!


Look out, we’ve got some hot bargains coming up! This Xmas Eve we’re having a big 72 hour flash sale on some of our sexiest nukige! Who needs milk and cookies and when you can enjoy some melons and cream! Come frost your tree to one of our top sex romps and bring in Xmas with a climax! Full list after the break.

Boob Wars (and hardcopy)
Conquering the Queen
Cum on! Bukkake Ranch!
EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games!
Harem Party
Hypno-training My Mother and Sister
Ruby Striker
Slave Witch April
Valkyrie Svia
Warrior Princess Asuka

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  1. >No imopara

    Mangagamer confirmed for being against spending christmas with family

  2. Couldn’t you find a slightly more ‘appropriate’ image for a Christmas sale?!

  3. Nice, this makes my Christmas! Snatched myself Ruby Striker and Conquering the Queen. 🙂 I’ll review them on my blog in the coming weeks! Cheers, MG!

  4. I just wish there was more notice since i cant use paypal im going to have to try to make sure to remember to go out and buy a card for this on the 26th.

  5. I wish there were more titles on sale since out of those I already had 5 of them, but I grabbed EROGE! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games! and Valkyrie Svia so it’s all good.

  6. Checkout has been failing for me for the last 2 days. I’m concerned I won’t be able to pick up the game I’m after 🙁

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