Tester’s Corner: eden* Ed. Vol 1

ev047a01Hello again, Neko here. Seems it is time for me to comment on another game, this time eden*.

Oh hey, another minori title! I’ve actually been looking forward to this one for a good while, because, well, Sion is freaking adorable.

That expression is not fair, dammit!

That expression is not fair, dammit!

Main reason I was requested to test this is to play the role of the sorriest excuse for a military advisor ever. Spent time in the Navy during a time when we actually were not at war. Bombed Iraq once, but that was normal, even then. Seeing as this has a bit of a military theme/setting, I helped with getting terms and stuff right (granted, the Navy is a waaay different beast with entirely different terms and traditions, and I had to look stuff up during this…but hey, I was available…). My first challenge has to do with the protagonist, Warrant Officer Haruna—explaining what the hell a Warrant Officer is.

Okay, two answers… First, I’m not sure if even the military knows for sure.

Second, from a fellow sailor: they’re gods, transcended from enlisted and not accepted by officers. Like Hercules.


Basically they are experts in their given fields. It is very hard to explain, and they are very rare, and tend to be old, owing to the sheer experience needed. WO Haruna is very, very, very young to be one. He is either exceptionally good, or they are desperate. Possibly both.

Aside from checking military related stuff, I quite enjoyed this project. As usual, minori’s visual, voice and music quality are outstanding. For once, I also found every character to be quite likeable.

Despite the end of the world scenario, and some heartrending moments, I found the overall message to be quite positive as well.

To close, I will admit one thing. One screenshot made me want to test this for years. One which I shall provide without context, just like DS did with me…

Have fun, Neko signing out~

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  1. Interesting.
    On the point about a warrant officer; it depends if it’s using a direct translation of the Japanese rank or the actual US term (the Japanese being something else).
    What do I mean?
    Outside of the US a warrant officer is a rank (WO-1 & WO-2). Within the Japanese navy it is an OR-9 class, equivalent to a US sergeant major. Assuming he’s a specialist in his field he may or may not be a US warrant officer but a Japanese equivalent of a sergeant major. It’s then up to the translator whether they keep it the correct translated rank for the Japanese or localise to US (I don’t know, I haven’t read the story).

    • In the US armed forces, its WO-whatever. It gets confusing at times. I remember only running into a few of em…And learned that if you see one with a mischievous grin…thats a cue to withdraw from the area. Mainly because in general they are all Cloud cuckoolanders. Best not to get into a prank war with one…you will lose.

      • Looking at the image on the website Haruna Ryou is a private first class (non-com). At least that’s what his insignia says. I haven’t played the game yet, but his insignia definitely looks like a private.

      • fictional military. It is set in the future…thats why I did not pay attention too much to uniform insignias. Artist character design and all…

        and at any rate, it looks nothing like the PFC rank insignia. US Army is one chevron pointing up, with a single rocker, and E-3.USMC is single chevron, pointing up, and in that case an E-2.His chevrons are pointing down, two of em. Thats a Naval thing. And it would be a Petty Officer Second Class, an E-5 (a non commissioned officer rank to the other services). WO’s, at least in the USN when I was in, had a bar with like…colored blocks. It’s weird. So yeah, best not to rely on the art unless you know both the artist and writer /really/ know their stuff.

      • I’m not trying to say anyone is wrong at this point. As I said, I haven’t played the game and just went by the images.
        The insignia does match with the Japanese defence force rank of Ittō Rikushi which is two downward sloping chevrons. Ittō Rikushi roughly equates to a Private First-Class Non-com in the Japanese Ground Self Defence Force. No cherry blossom visible so not in the Navy or Air Defence Forces.

  2. Wait, I’m trying to make sense of that screenshot at the end. Is she holding… a hand grenade? O_o

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