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In this article, learn about the hapless protagonist of Princess Evangile, and the trials he will face at the all-girls boarding school of Vincennes.

Okonogi Masaya never had what could be called a happy childhood. Thanks to a gambling bastard of a father, he spent most of it living hand to mouth, working laborious part-time jobs and in constant flight from loan sharks. But the day Masaya’s life hit rock bottom was the same day it turned around. Homeless, starving, and wandering the streets, he happened to save a mysterious, beautiful girl from a group of attackers. That became the “rendez-vous of destiny” that would change his whole life.


The girl he saved turned out to be a student at the prestigious all-girls boarding school of Vincennes, looking for a good man to attend the school as a way to promote gender integration. Masaya’s noble act proved to her that he was just the man she needed. So, in the course of a day, Masaya went from being alone in the streets to living in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen.

But Masaya’s new life isn’t all tea cakes and roses. Most of the girls at Vincennes are so sheltered, they scream “pervert” just at the sight of him. If gender integration succeeds, the school will be saved from financial ruin. But if it doesn’t, Masaya will have to leave at the end of the first term. If he wants to stay in his new life, he’ll need to fight against the prejudice of the old guard and convince the boarding school beauties that men aren’t as bad as they seem.

And in the process, he might even find true love!


Princess Evangile follows Okonogi Masaya over the course of a year as he fights to represent his gender at Vincennes and save the school in the process. It won’t be an easy task: 99% of the school is against him from the start, and the attempts by his few supporters to help ingratiate him to the school’s naive all-female population have a tendency to go hilariously wrong.

Along his journey, Masaya will get involved in the lives of the girls around them, and choose one of four girls to be his love. Each choice of girl leads to a fully unique storyline where Masaya deals with the primary conflict in his chosen girl’s life. Of course, there’s always time for a little R&R, and once Masaya makes his choice, there’ll be plenty of time for sexy romps in the hay as well as interpersonal drama.

Like the girls of Vincennes, Princess Evangile is beautiful, elegant, and earnest… and not always quite as innocent as it appears.

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  1. what does R&R mean? I know this is a english website but you should avoid using acronyms and abbreviations since not all of us speak it as first language, beside that the game seems interesting and I really like the art so maybe I will try it once it’s released

  2. Rest and Relaxation

    If you’re ever lost on an idiom or acronym, urban dictionary is a nice resource.

  3. I’ve see on VNDB that this game has the tag “Adultery”. Is there a way to avoid it ? Or isn’t this tag related to the main protagonist ?

    • [spoiler]The adultery tag is relevant in only one route (Ayaka’s), not in the main story. However, it’s pretty much the central focus of her route, so you’ll have to skip it entirely to avoid it.[/spoiler]

  4. I’m curious about this also, does the adultery actually pertain directly to the MC? Or is it more backstory for the character you mentioned? The tag itself appears questionable, since it doesn’t seem at a glance that any of these girls are married (not sure the term is applicable to engagements, is it?), and vndb also has the tag “Pure Love Story” which would make me assume this VN avoids questionable romantic developments such as cheating.

    • [spoiler]No, it doesn’t pertain to the MC himself, but more of a back story of one of the heroines and her parents. None of the heroines are married. [/spoiler]

  5. The plot of this vn sounds really similar too the anime Mashiroiro symphony. Are the two related in some way?

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